What is polymathy?

What Does polymathy Mean

The Greek word polymathía came to our language as polymathía . This is the name of the knowledge of one who has advanced knowledge on multiple issues .

Whoever has polymathy is a polymath . These individuals, thanks to their studies and their experiences, have instruction in different sciences and arts , with which they have a comprehensive training .
Polymathy is associated with wisdom that spans different disciplines. That is why polymathy can also be related to scholarship .
The polymath is usually described as "Renaissance man" , taking into account the variety of knowledge that the main thinkers of the Renaissance handled . The emblem of this qualification is the Italian Leonardo da Vinci , a prominent plastic artist, writer, philosopher, engineer, architect, anatomist and inventor who made countless contributions to numerous fields.

Beyond individual qualities, in ancient times most intellectuals were polymaths. This is due to the type of training they received and the social customs of the time. In addition, it was believed in the unlimited potential of the human being .
Currently, polymathy is rare. It is considered that specialization is a very important value and why people tend to focus on a few issues trying to develop to the fullest. A lawyer is more likely to seek a master's or doctorate in some field of law than to start a new career to also become an engineer or a doctor, to mention one possibility. The labor market, in fact, demands specialists and not polymaths.

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