What is polygraphy?

What Does polygraphy Mean

The Greek word polygraphía came to our language as polygraphy . The first meaning that the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) collects refers to the technique that allows writing in a hidden way , so that what is written is intelligible only for those who are in a position to discover the content . The notion also refers to the dexterity to decipher messages of this type .

Another use of polygraphy is linked to the measurement of physical quantities . It is known as a polygraph , in this framework, the device that simultaneously measures different psychosomatic variables , with which it is used to try to confirm whether a testimony is true or not .

In colloquial language this polygraph is known as a lie detector . In this case, polygraphy involves monitoring the physiological responses to different questions.
The polygraph is able to record changes in respiratory rate , the heart rate and blood pressure . The data collected can be taken as a reference to determine whether a person is telling the truth or lying.
It is important to note that, from a science point of view, these polygraph machines are not reliable. The scientific consensus indicates that there is no artifact that makes it possible to discover a lie with precision.
Moreover, the respiratory polygraphy also known as cardiorespiratory polygraphy - is a study that is performed to diagnose apnea of sleep . What is done is to control variables while the patient is sleeping to discover if oxygenation remains constant, if respiratory pauses occur or if the subject snores, for example.

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