What is police report?

What Does police report Mean

Act is the name that receives an official document , where a certain event is certified. Police , meanwhile, is an adjective that refers to what is linked to the police (a state security body).

A police record , in this framework, is a document where a police authority details a procedure, an act or some type of event linked to a possible punishable act . The police report is the starting point for the development of an investigation, since it informs how, when and where the event happened and how the security force personnel intervened.
In each country , however, the police report may have different characteristics. At a general level, it can be said that these documents must be accurate (they are based on facts, not assumptions or rumors), impartial (they do not include opinions) and exhaustive (they overturn all the information obtained). They must also be drafted sequentially (following the order of the proceedings that were carried out) and respect the formal aspects of the case.

Typically, the police report is drawn up on the scene to minimize the possibility of information being left out of the document. In some cases, however, the procedure is carried out in an office.
If the victim of a crime makes a complaint by telephone and manages to retain the aggressor at the scene, then the police officers can go there and ask all the pertinent questions to both parties to properly prepare the police report. In a case like this, many times they also have the presence of witnesses, who can provide very useful data for the subsequent investigation.
On the other hand, sometimes it is not necessary for an individual to contact the police station to request the help of the police force, since it may happen that patrols of agents detect a criminal situation on the public highway and act directly and immediately.
Suppose an officer stops a man when he watches him smash a car window for apparent robbery purposes. When writing the police report, the officer begins by writing:
“In the city of San Mateo, at eighteen hours on August 12 of the year two thousand and fifteen, the undersigned, Deputy Commissioner Juan López Gutiérrez, observes a male individual hitting the left front window of a brand-name car with a stone. Renault Clio model patent 561803ADE, causing the glass to break and inserting its body through the opening created… ” .

As can be seen in the previous example, the structure of a police report presents certain very particular resources, which are not used in the literature, since in this case accuracy is the highest priority, and the beauty of the text does not matter. While the authors of fiction usually give rise to the imagination of the readers, avoiding mentioning certain too specific data, a document of this type tries to record all the known details of the situation described in it.
On the other hand, it is important to note that the accuracy of the police report does not in any way limit the methods by which an officer collects information. The process of inquiry that leads to the development of this document can be very arduous, requiring a combination of patience, intuition, and experience. For example, the people involved in a crime are not always willing to make statements, or they do not have the necessary linguistic resources to express themselves clearly; Faced with these and other difficulties, the police must adapt and find the best way to reconstruct the scene.

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