What is polarity?

What Does polarity Mean

The polarity is the physical property available to those agents that accumulate in the poles of a body and polarize. According to the scope, it is possible to distinguish between different types of polarity.

The electrical polarity is the property of the terminals (poles) of a battery or a battery, which can be positive or negative. The electric current circulates from the cathode (negative pole) towards the anode (positive pole), generating a flow that allows the operation of various devices through electrical energy .
The chemical polarity , meanwhile, warns when the electrical charges of a molecule are separated. When the molecule is formed from a covalent bond, the electrons move towards the most important electronegativity zone. From then on, the electric dipole develops due to the differences in the charge density of the nuclei that make up the bond in question.

In the field of linguistics , the existence or lack of grammatical particles that allow a negation to be specified is known as polarity. It should be noted that the notion of grammatical particle refers to the parts of speech that do not vary.
Within colloquial language, on the other hand, polarity refers to the situation or state in which opposite tendencies are evident , which are contradictory to each other. For example: “If the leaders continue to promote polarity, the escalation of violence will not stop” , “In football matters, the polarity that exists in the town is evident” , “We must try to avoid polarity and seek links between the parties. ” .
Polarity therapy
A healing system based on holism is known as polarity therapy , which is why it analyzes each aspect of the patient as a whole, considering it as a whole and trying to put the person in harmony with the environment. Its creator was the Swiss physician Randolph Stone, who combined his knowledge of fields such as chiropractic, osteopathy and aiurvedic medicine with herbology, oriental massage and acupuncture, among other ancient healing techniques.
Some of the countries where polarity therapy is practiced are Spain, England, Germany, Canada, Argentina, the United States, and Mexico. Let's see some of its fundamentals:
* the ability of the body to keep its electrical circuits fluid is essential for health ;

* Any element that obstructs this fluidity produces symptoms that lead to diseases;

* our body is much more than organs, nerves, bones and skin, since we are energy.

The energy of our body, which is an electric field, is divided into three poles: positive, negative and neutral. When a "short circuit" occurs, our entire body is affected. It is necessary to know and understand the different currents that constitute us, as well as their charges, in order to maintain a balance on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
This balance can be achieved through polarity therapy, which includes tools to achieve a better knowledge of the organism itself, yoga and a special diet, in addition to the harmonization of the Five Elements and the Chakras, without which the lifetime.
What differentiates polarity therapy from other treatments is its focus on energy blockages and the quest to awaken in each patient their own healing force , a capacity that its founder assures we all have to heal without the need for third parties to intervene . Among its benefits is the activation of the immune system, relaxation, improvement of sleep; In addition, it promotes emotional and mental balance, increases productivity and concentration capacity and is adequately complemented with other treatments.

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