What is podium?

What Does podium Mean

"Podion". This is the Greek word from which, etymologically speaking, our current term podium derives.
Many athletes dream of reaching the podium of a competition ... The concept refers to the first places in a tournament, a race, etc., and the physical space in which the corresponding awards are made. Although it can be used in a broader sense, the podium usually mentions the top three places in the rankings.

For example: "The local team was left out of the podium after losing the match for third place" , "United States, Spain and Russia rose to the podium in the last edition of the Olympic Games in regards to basketball" , " The German rider took the last place on the podium after Alonso left ” .

In general, the podium consists of three steps or platforms with different heights: the highest and located in the center is destined for the winner, the middle one for the second place and the lowest one for the third place. In this way, the winning athlete will remain in the most prominent space and will stand out from the rest, reflecting the sporting superiority of the moment.
The way in which the award is made on the podium varies according to the event. It may consist of the presentation of trophies or medals and the placing of a laurel wreath on the awarded athletes. In some disciplines , it is common for those on the podium to drink champagne and throw the drink as a celebration.
Specifically, the latter is what usually happens, fundamentally, both in the world of cycling and motorsports and even motorcycling.
However, we cannot ignore that, in a more colloquial way, podium is also the term used to refer to the platform on which go-go dancers and disco dancers get on in order to dance and be seen by all customers. . And it is in this way that they enliven the atmosphere of said nightlife venues.
Likewise, in many other sectors the word podium is used to refer to that physical space in which someone climbs to be able to carry out their work, mainly artistic. Thus, that one can also go up from the conductors to the mimes through the politicians who are going to preside over any important act.
In the same way, we must not forget that podium is also an application that exists on the Google Play platform and whose clear objective is to allow the correct functioning of teamwork in companies. And it is that it gives the opportunity for employees who are in remote places or in different cities to interact to develop their common tasks.
Specifically, it is a free app that is designed in a special and concrete way for those who have mobiles and tablets equipped with the Android operating system.
It should be noted that, beyond this use, podium is also a notion of architecture that refers to the extensive pedestal that, in ancient times, was built around a temple and helped to support its columns.

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