What is plug and play?

What Does plug and play Mean

Plug and play is an expression of the English language that has become popular in Spanish thanks to its habitual use in the field of computing . The phrase can be translated as "plug and play" and refers to the characteristics of those devices that can be used on a computer without the need for configuration.

What plug and play implies, therefore, is that the peripheral in question should only be plugged into the computer and it can be used. There is no need to install particular software or enter parameters , as the computer will automatically recognize the connected appliance.

For this recognition to take place, the operating system of the computer must have support for the plug and play device ; In other words, for these benefits to be taken advantage of, both parties must meet certain compatibility requirements.
The development of plug and play made it easier to use computers. Users can buy a product from a store, turn on the computer and start using it, without hiring a technician or wasting time setting up.
The USB drives , also known as drive pen , are one of the most popular devices plug and play. These units, which allow you to store and move all kinds of digital files, connect to the computer's USB port and are instantly recognized by the operating system , allowing the person to copy or view the information in just a few steps. In this way, sharing files between two or more computers is very easy.
Within the family of storage devices plug and play are external hard drives, which also usually connected via a USB port and allow you to back security or store files everyday and use them on different devices with much ease: just unplug them from one computer and plug them into another so that both make use of the same information.
All current video game consoles are prepared to use these external drives , although they tend to be formatted in a file system that prevents their use on other computers; This measure prevents users from entering unauthorized files and applications into the console system through a computer, although hackers always manage to break these types of barriers.

Mobile phones and tabet PCs also support plug and play technology , since they are small computers, many times more powerful than our old laptops. In these cases, since their USB inputs are usually smaller than those present in a computer ( mini or micro , instead of type A , which is the standard measurement), and that these are devices that tend to be used outside the home, there is a special line of plug and play products for them.
On the other hand, through the technology called "On The Go" ( OTG ), it is possible to connect any device to a mobile phone or tablet PC through the USB port . In short, an OTG adapter turns the terminal into a host ( host ), since otherwise it would continue to be a slave ; Thanks to this change in the way he interacts with peripherals, he becomes able to feed and manage them.
The combination of plug and play and OTG makes it possible to carry all kinds of files from a computer to a mobile phone or tablet PC, eliminating the barriers that existed not so many years ago: review and edit documents, watch videos and photos on all our devices, at home, on the train or on the plane, without the need for complicated hardware setups.

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