What is plotter?

What Does plotter Mean

Plotter or plotter is a peripheral of computer that lets you draw or represent charts and graphs. There are monochrome and four, eight or twelve color plotters.

Nowadays , injection plotters are the most used, since they make non-linear drawings with greater precision and are faster and quieter. The older plotters, on the other hand, were limited to making line drawings.
The plotter has different sizes, depending on its characteristics. There are plotters that barely exceed 90 centimeters in width, while others approach 160 centimeters and allow for professional and intensive use.
As we have been able to read, there are different types of plotter, so it is essential that when purchasing one you have very clear ideas about it. In this sense, we could establish that the experts advise following these recommendations before making the purchase:

• The fundamental thing is to bet on a professional who knows these types of devices perfectly and can advise in the best possible way based on the needs and tastes of who is going to make the acquisition.

• There is a huge market for used plotters. In this case, those who bet the most on them are those who have less money to make an investment since it is a much cheaper alternative.

• However, the vast majority of people and companies that need a plotter choose to buy a new one, as it will have all the necessary guarantees to guarantee that it will work perfectly and that certain breakdowns are covered.

• It is essential to assess the cost of certain of its elements that are periodic consumables. This would be the case, for example, of inks.

Broadly speaking, these are some of the most useful tips that exist when buying a plotter. However, it is also essential to follow others when using it daily. In this sense, the experts emphasize periodically subjecting it to exhaustive and preventive maintenance, keeping it clean at all times, installing it in a place with enough space and using it in a convenient way.
The plotter works by moving the pens on the paper . When the machine has to make a complex stroke, it makes the drawing very slowly due to the mechanical movement of the pens.
This logic of operation makes plotters unsuitable for painting surfaces, as they have to pass the pens on numerous occasions. Instead they are useful for delineation.
The feathers are inside a drum. The plotter has two stepper motors, which move along the X axis (across the width of the paper) and along the Y axis (with vertical movement of the pens or generating the movement of the paper).
The type of paper, on the other hand, depends on the plotter model. Many plotters work with a roll of paper that allows you to draw indefinitely in length (only limited by the length of the roll). The thickness, flexibility, smoothness and roughness of the paper will affect the quality of the work.

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