What is play?

What Does play Mean

Before entering fully to analyze the term game that concerns us now, it is important that we first proceed to establish its etymological origin. In this sense we can determine that it is found in Latin and more exactly in the word iocus, which is synonymous with joke.

The recreational activity that has the participation of one or more participants is known as game . Its main function is to provide entertainment and fun , although it can also fulfill an educational role . Games are said to aid mental and physical stimulation , as well as contribute to the development of practical and psychological skills .
The game can be defined both by the goal that its players are trying to achieve and by the set of rules that determine what these players can do.

There are many types of games: role - playing (where the participant assumes a certain role or specific personality), strategy (entertainment that requires intelligence and planning, such as chess or checkers ), table (as the name implies, they need support for people to play), cards ( poker , blackjack ) and video games (computer programs that need an electronic device), among others.
In the same way, we cannot forget what are known as popular or traditional games. These are those that have been passed from generation to generation over time and that despite everything continue to amuse and entertain children of all ages.
Thus, for example, among the best-known games that can be included in this category we find that of jumping rope, the so-called game of handkerchief, marbles, spinning top or spinning top, sack races, pilla pilla or the rubber game.
However, we cannot ignore the fact that there are many of these traditional games that are not aimed at children, but rather adults who have fun with them. This would be the case, for example, of the well-known game of petanque, the Basque pelota that is typical of the Basque Country or the game of the frog, which receives different names depending on the country in which it is played.
Children's games, meanwhile, may involve the use of a toy (although it is not essential). A toy is an object that can be used individually or in combination with others. Although some are associated with particular historical eras or cultures, others are universally popular. The main purpose of the toy is recreation , but it also helps the child's training , learning and development .

It should be noted, on the other hand, that there is a discipline of mathematics known as game theory , which uses models to analyze the interactions in formalized incentive structures and to carry out decision processes.
Finally, we must add that in recent times a fantastic literary saga entitled "Game of Thrones" has become very successful all over the world. The American George RR Martin is the author of it.

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