What is pipeline?

What Does pipeline Mean

Pipeline is an English term that can be translated as “pipe” . Although it is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) , the concept is used in our language to refer to an architecture of computing .

These virtual pipelines are created to segment data and thereby increase the performance of a digital system. It is an architecture based on the operation of the oil pipelines , which are segmented into various branches and which have pumps to drive the advance of gas in each section.

In computing, the pipeline is used in microprocessors, graphics cards, and software . The calculations carried out in the programming process must be synchronized with a clock to avoid the most crowded sections that are detected between two registers.
Segmenting the calculations, therefore, makes it possible to improve the work frequency . This type of data flow implies that the output of one phase is an input of another. Thus, the various sections or phases are chained in the manner of a pipeline, managing to speed up the flow through this pipeline.
The usual thing is that the execution of these elements takes place in parallel, which causes a buffer (a type of storage) to be called when the elements are in consecutive positions.
It is possible to differentiate between unnamed pipelines (which work temporarily and are deleted when not in use) and named pipelines (created in the file system itself , they facilitate the communication of the various processes that appeal to the pipeline in question) .
However, we cannot ignore the existence of a geographical place that also has in its name the term that we are dealing with now. We are referring to Pipeline Beach, located in Hawaii, more exactly on the island of Oahu.
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