What is pilot test?

What Does pilot test Mean

Knowing the meaning of the term pilot test is what we are going to do next. However, to do this, first of all, it is necessary to discover the etymological origin of the two words that give it its shape:

-Test, comes from the Latin “probus”, which is equivalent to “good”.

-Piloto, meanwhile, has its antecedents in Greek, in “pedon”, which is synonymous with “rudder”.

Proof is a notion with multiple uses. On this occasion, we are interested in its meaning as an experiment. Pilot , another term with different meanings, can be a prototype or a test.
A pilot test , therefore, is that experimentation that is carried out for the first time with the aim of checking certain issues. It is an experimental test , the conclusions of which may be interesting to advance with the development of something.

For example: “The provincial government will carry out a pilot test of the electronic voting system in three municipalities” , “The pilot test showed us that we still have to correct many things before launching the new product” , “The credentials will have their pilot test on next Tuesday ” .
Within the academic sphere, the term pilot test is also used. Thus, for example, in different English academies they are committed to making students undergo a test of this type, in order to determine not only their level in that language but also in what aspects the majority falters or what type of exams are the most recommended in this regard.
Let us suppose that the municipal authorities plan to establish an Internet system so that the inhabitants can request appointments at the district hospitals. The idea is that, by entering an online platform, neighbors can ask for a turn with various specialists, saving time and avoiding travel to health centers.
Due to the complexity of the project , the municipal government decides to carry out a pilot test with a hospital. Said hospital, therefore, installs the system in question on their computers and begins to manage shifts over the Internet. The government will study the test result, taking into account the opinions of doctors, patients, etc., before moving forward with the project in other hospitals.
Another example of a pilot test is one that takes place on a new racing circuit , hosting practice sessions and free trials before the official opening.
In the field of television, it is common, in the same way, that this term is used. Specifically, we speak of a pilot test or pilot episode to refer to the first chapter of a new series that is recorded so that the producers can see if it is expected that it can be received and that, therefore, it is worth investing to take it forward and start to issue it.

Precisely this type of test episode has led many productions to remain only in that initial phase and that others, however, have managed to convince, finance, record themselves and become real successes. In the latter case there are, for example, series like "Lost" or "Grey's Anatomy."

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