What is physical training?

What Does physical training Mean

Preparation is the consequence of preparing something (arranging it for a certain purpose, making it). The notion of physics , for its part, can have several meanings: in this case we are interested in its use with reference to the body and the organism.

Physical preparation, therefore, is the training that a person develops to be able to perform a certain activity. Through certain exercises and a healthy diet, an individual can "prepare" his body to face a certain challenge.
For example: “The club president is angry with the person in charge of the physical preparation of the players” , “I think my physical preparation for a race of this type is faulty” , “I invested eight months in physical preparation before climbing the mountain ” .

Although it is possible to perform physical exercises to be in good general shape, each sporting activity requires different physical preparation. Depending on the discipline , the athlete must enhance their aerobic capacity, the strength of their arms, their speed, their elasticity, etc.
However, as we have mentioned previously, there is the so-called general physical preparation that is very complete, that allows the individual to be in really great shape and that gives them the possibility of facing different challenges on a physical level.
Of this type of preparation it is worth noting that it is the basis for later carrying out another more specific one for each sport or discipline and that it is based on working from speed, to flexibility through strength or resistance. All this without overlooking that it also helps to establish that all your muscles are perfectly balanced in terms of development.
Likewise, it must be emphasized that it is important to have a good general physical preparation because it brings with it the following advantages:

-It prevents the body from suffering injuries of various types and sizes, such as sprains, breaks, overloads ...

-It becomes a A great tool in that the person in question can recover faster and better from the physical efforts they carry out.

-In the same way, it should be noted that this preparation is essential and necessary when the athlete can undertake the specific exercises of the discipline they practice.

-Strengthens the muscles.

-Get to improve and purify what is the cardiovascular system.

-Improves the functioning of organs and body systems, essential to have a good quality of life and for the development of a specific sport.
The specialist in charge of designing and directing physical preparation is known as a physical trainer . Football clubs have a physical trainer who is dedicated to direct training in terms of exercises to improve and protect the condition of the players.

On a professional level, it is very difficult for an athlete to compete successfully when they lack good physical preparation. A boxer with poor physical preparation, to name one possibility, will have slow movements and will tire quickly.

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