What is physical strength?

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What Does physical strength Mean

Before entering fully into the definition of the term physical force, we are going to proceed to know the etymological origin of the two words that give it its shape:

-Force, in the first place, derives from Latin, exactly from "fortia" which, in turn instead, it emanates from "forctis", which can be translated as "strong."

-Physica, secondly, is a word that also derives from Latin, specifically from "physica". This term, in turn, comes from the Greek "physikos", which is synonymous with "related to nature."

For physics , a force is the cause that allows altering the state of motion or rest of a body , or that enables its deformation . The concept can refer to the ability to move something, exert resistance or hold a weight.
The physical strength , therefore, is a quantity that has the ability to influence the shape and movement of the material elements . It can be said that forces generate an effect on bodies that have a certain mass.

When a man lifts a box full of books from the floor and places it on a table, he is exerting a physical force. Specifically, what it does is apply a muscular force to overcome the resistance of the box caused by its weight.
By developing tension with their muscles, the individual applies the necessary muscular force to alter the resting state of the box: it lifts it and moves it to another site.
Physical strength also appears when a soccer player kicks a ball (a ball). Every time a player performs a certain movement with his leg and hits the ball with his foot, he applies a physical force that causes the object to move at high speed .
Throughout history there have been numerous characters, real or fictional, who have made themselves known and have distinguished themselves precisely because of their physical strength. This would be the case, for example, of Samson, who is presented in "The Bible" as one of the last ancient Israelite judges. Specifically, in that work it is said that the strength he had led him to face and defeat a lion simply by using his hands.
Likewise, it is said that he was able to tear down a temple with his physical strength and that he defeated an entire army using the jaw of a donkey as the only weapon.
Another character who is well known for that same characteristic is Hulk, a fictional figure, specifically from the world of comics, created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in the 60s. A green appearance and a really muscular body is the one that identifies him, as well as his great physical strength.
It is important to note that physical force, being a vector quantity, is composed of a value (a number linked to a unit of measurement), a direction (the line of action: horizontal, vertical, etc.) and a direction ( orientation: backward, forward, upward, downward).

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