What is physiatry?

What Does physiatry Mean

The Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) defines physiatry as medical naturism . The idea of ​​naturism, meanwhile, refers to the doctrine that uses natural agents to maintain health and treat diseases .

Physiatry is a medical specialty that, with exercises, massages and other resources, aims to help patients recover those functions that they lost due to injury or illness . The usual thing is that their activity begins in the health center itself (a hospital, a clinic, etc.) and continues in a specialized institution or even in the person's home.

Physiatry generally involves the intervention of physicians and other health professionals , such as nurses , physiotherapists, and psychologists . It can also include the participation of social workers and other experts.
Through physiotherapy, in short, the maximum possible restoration of physical, functional, mental and social aspects of an individual is sought, so that they can be productively reintegrated into their community. It is also intended that the subject can enjoy autonomy , without having to depend on others to satisfy their essential needs.
Suppose a man suffers a wrist fracture . To treat the injury, he undergoes surgery and is then placed in a cast . Once the cast is removed , it is the physiatry's turn: an expert indicates rehabilitation exercises to minimize stiffness and restore normal movement in the area. It is important to bear in mind that complete healing can take several months.

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