What is photogrammetry?

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What Does photogrammetry Mean

It is called photogrammetry to the technique that uses the aerial photographs to obtain a flat surface . This resource is used in the field of topography.

By means of photogrammetry it is possible to know the dimensions, shape and location in space of a body or a terrain , since the measurements that are established on one or more photographs taken from the air are used.
With photogrammetry , coordinate measurement can be performed in three dimensions . In this way, specialists are in a position to generate a model that represents an object in all its complexity.

The development of maps and the generation of information on hydrology, cadastre, land use planning and land occupation are some of the actions that can be carried out using photogrammetry.
It should be noted that drones have contributed to the advancement of photogrammetry. It is now feasible to reach hard-to-reach areas and record your terrain details continuously.
The first step in the photogrammetry process is planning the flight . Then the shots must be taken and the images processed, which have to be placed in the appropriate position. Finally, it is time for the reconstruction and the formation of the model, being able to choose between rectification or restitution .
Photogrammetry, in short, allows to know the geometric and metric characteristics of an object or an area through aerial photographs that are taken in series. The superposition of the images serves to generate the three-dimensional effect.

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