What is petition?

What Does petition Mean

Petitorio is a notion whose etymological antecedents are found in the Latin language: petitorĭus . As an adjective , the term is used to qualify something related to an order or a request .

The most common use of the concept refers to the document that is delivered to an authority with some type of claim . Through said documentation, a request is sent to a State official or someone who occupies a prominent place within a hierarchy to make a decision in favor of the applicants.

The request usually begins with a short text explaining what is being requested. They then appear in blank spaces so that those who wish to join the order include their name, document number and signature . The data entered, however, may vary depending on the case.
Let's look at an example. The residents of a neighborhood want to ask the municipality to renew the lights on Paseo Central street , since the area is very dark and robberies and other acts of insecurity are often recorded at night . In order to spread their claim and put pressure on the authorities, they create a petition and collect signatures. Upon gathering more than 1,000 adhesions, the residents deliver the petition in question to the municipality.
In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore either that petition is a document that is very important within the medical sector. Specifically, it is the document that is made up of the entire set of drugs, both simple and compound, that it is necessary to replace them so that they allow the pharmacies of the different hospital centers to be perfectly stocked.
Within the workplace, we can say that the term petition is also used frequently. Exactly it is used to define the document that employees prepare to ask their bosses or superiors for certain improvements in their positions.
Employees of a company can also submit a request to the owner to request certain changes in the infrastructure. The workers, in this way, seek to demand that a heating system be installed and that the broken windows of the factory be fixed to cope with the low temperatures of winter in better conditions.
Of this set of petitions, which responds to the name of the petition, it should be noted that it has a series of fundamental characteristics, among which are the following:

-It has a specific validity, which ends at the time it is resolved the negotiation that allowed it to be brought to the table.

-Among the data that must be included are the data of the workers who subscribe it. With that we mean both your name and surname, the ID or the position that you come to play within the company.

-The set of requests that are made as well as the arguments and evidence that support those.

-Of course, you must also include the signatures of all employees who request the improvements so that it is recorded that they endorse them, on behalf of their positions and those of all their colleagues.

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