What is permanent hair removal?

What Does permanent hair removal Mean

Epilation is called the act and the result of epilating : removing the hair through some kind of mechanism (pulling it, applying a specific substance, using a laser, etc.). Definitive , on the other hand, is what concludes, determines or finishes off .

Definitive hair removal is the name given to methods that not only remove hair, but also prevent it from growing back in the area of ​​application. These procedures often cause discomfort or pain .
To develop permanent hair removal, it is necessary to attack the hair follicle . The root must be destroyed as, otherwise, it would grow back, as occurs when the hair is simply pulled out.

It is necessary to undergo several treatment sessions to achieve the definitive hair removal. The destruction is carried out by heating the bulb with the help of a laser or pulsed light . If the follicle is not heated enough, it is not destroyed.
The laser has the ability to act on the point where hair grows without damaging the surrounding structures. This is because melanin absorbs light , generates heat, and destroys the cells of the hair follicle.
It should be noted, however, that permanent hair removal carries certain risks . These types of methodologies cannot be applied to pregnant women or to people suffering from skin diseases such as vitiligo or lupus. The appearance of spots on the skin due to hair removal cannot be ruled out either. After each session, avoid direct sun exposure for two or three days.
Once we are determined to take advantage of the definitive hair removal, we must choose which of the two methods seems more appropriate: laser or pulsed light . In short, both differ in that the first is more specific for this type of treatment, and gives the possibility of reaching higher temperatures to eliminate the follicle.
If we observe the progress of the treatment in two patients who have each chosen a different method, it is very likely that from the third session we will notice that the laser has achieved a much greater advance than the pulsed light. In fact, many specialists recommend permanent hair removal with laser, especially diode, among which the Alexandrita , Duet , Soprano or Candela stand out .

Since permanent laser hair removal is a relatively modern treatment that not many people have tried yet, there are endless myths around it, false stories that fill those who have not yet taken the step with fear and uncertainty. Perhaps the most common of all is that "it does not work permanently, but is like any other method"; reality indicates otherwise, since statistics show a high percentage of effectiveness , although this does not occur in all patients.
When laser hair removal does not offer one hundred percent effectiveness, it is simply necessary to carry out eventual maintenance sessions, but it is not true that it gives the same results as traditional methods. Another lie that people spread about this treatment is that it "causes a lot of pain"; on the contrary, the people who have tried it assure that it can be tolerated without problem, since the sensation is not of pain but of heat, and this is counteracted with the application of cold.
On the other hand, it is also believed that permanent laser hair removal is not recommended in the most sensitive areas of the body; however, experts assure that there is no such limitation but, on the contrary, this method is ideal even for those parts in which traditional hair removal generates irritation or discomfort.

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