What is peristalsis?

What Does peristalsis Mean

Peristalsis is known as the contraction movement that, progressively, some organs develop in order to allow the passage of an element. This process is called peristalsis .

Peristalsis, therefore, is the ability of the organs that make up the digestive system and urinary tract to develop certain movements that allow the advancement of, depending on the case, the food bolus , bile or urine .
Thanks to peristalsis, a food can arrive in different steps from the mouth to the anus; bile, passing from the gallbladder to the duodenum; and urine, from the kidneys to the bladder. Contraction and relaxation are developed by smooth muscle fibers.

It should be noted that peristalsis is a procedure that humans develop involuntarily and automatically. Usually its development is not noticed, although it is possible to feel movement in the abdominal area on certain occasions.
The displacement of the contents occurs through a series of circular waves that allow them to be moved downward at regular intervals. Contractions, therefore, maintain a certain rhythm and take place in a coordinated way, forcing food or other elements to advance.
In the case of intestinal peristalsis , when it decreases or develops with difficulties, constipation occurs . This implies that the evacuation of feces is not carried out with the normal frequency, generating various discomforts and disorders. These peristalsis problems can be caused by diet , stress, or other reasons.
This phenomenon is also known as intestinal motility and, as can be seen, it is essential for the human body. For this reason, sometimes, when certain conditions are suffered that hinder or prevent it, it is necessary to proceed to take measures. Thus, for example, we can say that there are various natural methods that favor it, among which we would highlight the following: -

Carry out a diet where foods with fiber play a special role. In particular, a good option is to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

-It is essential to drink a lot of water a day, at least 1.5 liters.

-It is also vital to put aside the sedentary lifestyle. It is essential that the person exercise every day as this will allow them to promote digestion and facilitate going to the bathroom.

-It is considered that another method that serves to improve peristalsis is to keep stress under control. And it is that this can originate, in numerous occasions, that they suffer problems of constipation, for example.
People who run into a problem in terms of peristalsis suffer symptoms such as these:

-Regurgitation, which can occur immediately when they take a food or after time.

-Pirosis, which is defined by being a retrosternal burning type.

-Dysphagia, is one of the most common symptoms and is identified as a notable difficulty when swallowing. This is usually intermittent.

-Chest pain, which can have different levels of severity and, in most cases, leads the person to have to go to the doctor.

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