What is periscope?

What Does periscope Mean

In Greek is where the etymological origin of the term periscope is found, a cultism, which is the result of the sum of two components of that language:

-The prefix “peri-”, which can be translated as “around”.

-The verb “skopein”, which is synonymous with “observe”.

A periscope, therefore, is a tube- shaped element that, thanks to the use of prisms or mirrors , allows us to see a region that is impossible to see with the eyes alone.
Through its particular design, a periscope allows someone who is hidden in a trench or other similar space to see without exposing himself . The usual thing is that it has parallel mirrors that form an angle of forty-five degrees before the line that connects them. These mirrors are installed at the upper end of the tube, while the user places his view at the lower end. So you can see without looking out.

If you add lenses increase , even periscopes for observing at a distance. This feature is present in periscopes that work on submarines and are used to see over the surface of the water while the vehicle is moving underwater.
Specifically, we can determine that it is considered that there are several uses that are given to the periscope, among which we would highlight the following:

-For the observation of airplanes and ships.

-For launching torpedoes.

-In astronomical navigation in immersion.

-To study and analyze the distance to attack the enemy.

-In navigation for what are coastal markings.
Historically among the most significant periscopes were the attack periscopes which, as their name suggests, were used to carry out the attack on the enemy. However, on certain occasions they were also used as an observation system, that is, as a substitute for so-called observation.
The latter were identified because they had much better lighting, they transmitted light better and because of these and other characteristics they were considered to be much more complete. So much so that, on many occasions, they were used to even undertake nocturnal attacks.
The origins of the periscope can be found in the figure of Sarah Mather who, in 1845, patented a device that essentially made it possible to carry out what was the observation of the depths of the ocean to what were the navigation ships. Then after her, they developed their system and got closer to the periscope as we understand it today figures of the stature of Simon Lake or Morgan Robertson.
With cardboard boxes, glue, scissors, and two mirrors, it is possible to build a homemade periscope . You just have to imitate the shape of these devices and glue the mirrors so that they are opposite. These cardboard periscopes are very popular toys for children.
Finally, “El periscope” was the title of a television program that, in the 1990s , the actress and model Graciela Alfano hostedin Argentina . This program focused on the shows, with interviews with various personalities in the environment.

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