What is pedology?

What Does pedology Mean

It is called pedology to the scientific discipline dedicated to the analysis of the adequate intellectual and physical development of children . It is often said that paidology is oriented to everything related to childhood .

Paedology examines the totality of the phenomena related to the lives of children and adolescents. Therefore, although it has points in common with other areas and sciences , it has its specificity.
Among the fields of knowledge that coincide with pedology, appear pediatrics , child psychology and pedagogy . However, pediatrics is limited to physical health, psychology to issues of the psyche and pedagogy, to learning and teaching processes.

The origins of pedology can be traced back to Ancient Greece , where the notion of paideia alluded to the upbringing and transmission of values and technical knowledge. It was not until 1896 that the American teacher Oscar Chrisman coined the concept of pedology associating it with a new science.
It is understood that pedology was born from pedagogy and psychology . Little by little it became independent through the deepening of research on the way of learning, biological functions and other issues.
In short, pedology generates knowledge about the first stage of the life of a human being . There are universities that allow you to specialize in this area and institutions that set up study groups in this regard. The bachelor's degree in Pedology and Child Development can be mentioned as one of the training courses offered in this field.

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