What is pearl?

What Does pearl Mean

The pearls are formations that arise from a particle that is encysted inside a mollusk . Thanks to their rounded shapes and shine, there are pearls that are considered precious stones and are highly valued in jewelry .

The emergence of the pearl occurs when the mollusk covers a foreign particle to its body with proteins and crystals of a chemical compound called calcium carbonate . This mixture allows the formation of nacre , which covers the particle in several layers and which, in approximately a decade, gives rise to the pearl.
It is believed that the extraction and ornamental use of pearls originated in prehistory . The creation of jewelry based on pearls arose in the Asian continent and later expanded to Europe and the rest of the world.

Although, in an early period, pearls were very expensive and could only be accessed by members of the nobility and the more affluent classes, over time their value declined.
Many animal groups work hard to stop the production of pearls, since to obtain them it is necessary to harm certain living beings, unlike obtaining precious stones. As has been explained repeatedly, mollusks generate pearls to defend themselves from foreign particles that enter their organisms; when irritation appears, its reaction consists of neutralizing it, covering the invading bodies with crystals of calcium carbonate and conchiolin (a protein).
This mixture is called nacre and generally protects the entire interior of the shell of mollusks. After the attack, this tissue begins to thicken, generating a kind of cyst that takes approximately a decade to finish forming: the pearl. To extract it, it is necessary to take the life of the animal by opening it with a knife. Once this information is accessed, few arguments could justify such a bloody process. Would we do that with a human being?
Other meanings
In any case, by extension to its high initial value and its belonging to the group of precious stones, the concept of pearl is still used to name the most luxurious or valuable objects , and even the most outstanding people in some field. For example: "This youth is the pearl of the club: it has already been priced at several million euros" , "If you want to renovate your house, I recommend you buy the new television from the Japanese firm, which is the pearl of this type of device . "

The term pearl can also mean funny video , as a synonym for blooper or fake shot ; In other words, it is about those moments during the recording of a movie or a program, for example, in which hilarious situations occur, such as a fall, a failure in the set or the inability to contain laughter on the part of some actor. These types of videos are highly appreciated by fans, as it takes them behind the scenes and allows them to learn more about their favorite artists through a sense of humor .
In a similar context to the previous case, black pearl can be used to refer to those artists who are overrated by the public or critics. This term is common in the field of opera and there are several recordings of truly disastrous performances by many of the most celebrated singers, thanks to which you can see everything that companies do not want to show of their most promising stars. It should be noted that this assessment is subjective and that the concept of the black pearl is often used simply to dirty the name of an artist for personal reasons.

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