What is Patty?

What Does Patty Mean

It called pie to a meal consisting of a stuffed mass of cheese, vegetables, chicken, fish, beef or other ingredients . Empanadas are generally baked, although there are also fried, grilled and steamed empanadas.

The concept derives from empanar , a verb that refers to enclosing something in bread or dough . There are multiple types of empanadas according to their dough, their filling and their cooking method. There are even savory empanadas (the best known) and sweet empanadas .
In general, the empanada dough is made with wheat flour and some fatty substance. This dough is cut into circles (called tapas in some regions) and then a little filling is added in the center of each one. The next step is to close the pie with a repulgue ( repulgo ) so that the filling does not come out during cooking.

The characteristics of the empanadas vary according to the region . In Argentina , for example, meat empanadas are very popular , which are generally prepared with minced beef, hard-boiled egg, bell pepper (pepper or chili pepper), onion and olives (olives). Also are common pies ham and cheese , the chicken empanadas and pies humita (with corn or corn).
The Galician empanada , for its part, is usually made with tuna as the main ingredient, accompanied by bell pepper and onion. Anyway, it is possible to find Galician empanadas with mussels, octopus , cod, pork or rabbit.
In its sweet version, the empanadas or empanadillas can be filled with sweet potato, quince paste or dulce de leche .
The pasties cornish of England , the panzerotti of Italy and jiazi of China are other food products, by their characteristics , are similar to empanadas.
One of the most outstanding characteristics of empanadas is their size and the fact that they serve as a main dish or a side dish . Thanks to their size and the fact that the dough closes, it is very comfortable to eat them with your hand; Although there are those who prefer to use cutlery, this is not necessary, since the polishing prevents the filling from coming out.
Depending on the region and the occasion, it is normal for empanadas to be enjoyed at family or friends gatherings, and without the need to be around a table, precisely because they can even be taken to a picnic and eaten cold without losing their flavor . This versatility makes them a much more convenient dish than others, such as pizza, for example, which is usually more difficult to eat with your hand without the possibility of washing your hands afterwards.

Empanadas can also be prepared with ingredients of plant origin, and in this way vegans can enjoy this varied and delicious dish without the need to consume meat, eggs or milk. The TVP is ideal to replace meat, given its consistency and mushrooms, fungi and algae can provide different flavor nuances to leave behind ham and fish.
The secret of a good meal does not lie in the ingredients but in the preparation and seasonings . For this reason, vegan empanadas can be as tasty as traditional ones: let's not forget that meat is just one of the ingredients, and that we must cook and season it so that the filling takes on the flavor that characterizes it, something that also happens. with ham or cheese, two products that can be perfectly replaced by others of vegetable origin without missing their flavor, texture or the effect they produce in the combination.

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