What is pathetic?

What Does pathetic Mean

The term pathetic derives from the Latin pathetĭcus which, in turn, originates from a Greek word meaning "sensitive" or "making an impression . " The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) defines this adjective as something that can move the spirit vehemently, generating feelings such as despair, anguish or nostalgia. For example: "The mother of the victim was torn apart in a pathetic cry of pain" , "The pathetic gesture of sadness of the condemned man moved those present" .

Starting from this meaning offered by the aforementioned linguistic document, we can determine that it is common in art that the term at hand is used to refer to some works, especially framed within the field of imagery. Thus, an example would be the following: "The Christ who was parading through the streets of Seville managed to move those present especially by the pathetic of his face."

Pathetic, in any case, it has a much more common use linked to the grotesque and that which produces embarrassment . In this sense, pathos is associated with the ridiculous : "That man is pathetic, he keeps making up stories to attract media attention" , "Ariel wore a pathetic baby costume at his birthday party" , "I couldn't avoid laughing at his pathetic interpretation of the song . "
As a synonym for grotesque, pathetic can be an aggression or a disqualifying comment towards another person : "Your behavior is pathetic, you should be ashamed of" , "I never met someone as pathetic as you" , "The performance of the Argentine team was truly pathetic: he received four goals in ten minutes and was eliminated from the tournament in the first round ” .
In addition to all the aforementioned, we cannot ignore that there is an expression in the field of Literature that makes use of this concept of pathetic. Specifically, we refer to the so-called "pathetic fallacy" which is nothing more than the resource of describing a series of lifeless objects in nature, granting them a series of feelings or sensations that only belong to human beings.
The pathetic nerve (also known as the trochlear nerve ), on the other hand, is a nerve in the skull that is linked to motor skills by innervating the greater oblique muscle of the eye. It is found in the middle brain (midbrain) and originates a set of fibers that emerge from the rostral medullary veil.
A nerve that is very important because its malfunction can cause the person who suffers it to have, for example, a divergent strabismus when they experience paralysis. However, damage to it can result in the person in question having to also face double vision.
Finally we can determine that in the musical field there are various compositions that are titled as the term we are addressing. This would be the case, for example, of "Pathetic love" by the singer Johnny Lexus or simply "Patético" of the group Saiko, of Chilean origin and which is part of the genre of pop and rock.

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