What is pasture?

What Does pasture Mean

With antecedents in the Latin language ( pastus ), grass is the general name for various herbs . Grass is the plant food that grows on the soil of the fields and is used to feed animals.

The livestock , therefore, has its basis in the grass. This food allows to nourish livestock in an economical and simple way: sheep, goats, cows and the rest of the animals can graze (eat grass) freely or under the tutelage of a shepherd . The corn , the soybean , the alfalfa and oats are some of the plants, which the develop, create grass.

Precisely some corners of the world are recognized because they have high quality pastures, which allow the cattle raised there to have an undeniable value. This would be the case, for example, of the Spanish autonomous communities of Galicia or even Asturias.
In the same way, it should not be forgotten that within the livestock sector, it is common to speak of certain specific types of grass. Among the most significant are the following:

Green grass, which is what horses and other animals take in the field or on the farms where they live during the spring and summer months.

Dry grass. Under this name is the food that cattle eat during the winter season. It should be noted that it is usually composed of both nuts and straw.
However, it should not be forgotten that, in the case of hunting, this word is also used to refer to the amount of food that is given to the relevant birds at one time.
Grass can also be a synonym for grass , which is the generic name given to those herbaceous plants that are grown to cover the ground for decorative purposes or for sports activities.
Precisely as a synonym for grass, it is commonly used in countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Colombia or Uruguay.
In private homes, it is common to have grass in the garden or in other outdoor environments. Grass is also found in public squares and parks. For example: "Tomorrow I'm going to cut the grass" , "If you are going to sit on the grass, take a tarp so you don't get your clothes dirty" , "The guard told me that it is forbidden to step on the grass . "
The football , the hockey , the golf and tennis are some of the sports that can be performed on the grass: "The court Athletic Club Providence has the grass too long" , "Guillermo Vilas was a player who hated playing on grass" , "When you hit the ball, try not to pick up grass . "
Do not forget either that grass has another meaning. Specifically, it is used to refer to the members of an Amerindian people, who lived in the province of Pasto, in Colombia. Hence, starting from this, it is also used to refer to that type of people and also even to the language they spoke.

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