What is passable?

What Does passable Mean

Pasible is a concept that has its etymological origin in passibĭlis , a word from the Latin language. It is an adjective that is used to qualify that which is susceptible to suffering something .

For example: “The sovereignty of the islands is not subject to any kind of negotiation” , “The good thing about this material is that it is not subject to splintering, so it is very safe” , “I remind you that you have committed a possible fault jail ” .
Within the judicial and business sphere there are different expressions that are based on the use of the term that we are now dealing with. Thus, for example, we find the following: -

Possible sanction. With this denomination it is made clear, for example, that certain individuals or entities may have to face a sanction for actions they carry out and that are not subject to the law.

-Possible retention. With this it is established that a company or person, due to different circumstances, may be obliged to have to undergo the retention of their assets, whatever they may be. Thus, for example, in some laws it is determined that, upon the death of a person without there being a valid declaration of the will or while there is no declaration of heirs, the persons according to establishes common law.

Suppose the government of a country announces a measure that must be ratified or repealed by Congress . This means that the decision in question will be debated by the parliamentarians before its implementation. The government measure, therefore, is subject to revocation or rejection .
Let's look at another case. A company employee may appear in the media criticizing his employer's business policy and condemning his actions. According to the internal regulations of the company or the consideration of their hierarchical superiors, the conduct of the employee may be subject to some type of sanction or punishment .
Another example of the concept of liability is found in the setting of certain taxes . The government can establish that those people who earn a minimum of 5,000 pesos per month are liable to suffer the application of the High Income Tax , although the payment of the rate will depend on other additional issues (such as the number of children that the subject has, your place of residence, etc.).
Do not forget either that passable is also a surname. Thus, one of the celebrities who uses the term in this way is the model Marihenny Rivera Pasible. He was born in the Dominican Republic in 1992, has parents related to the same sector and began his career with only fourteen years. At present he has achieved great success and international takeoff after becoming part of the prestigious New York Models agency. A professional path that has allowed him to work for some of the largest fashion and cosmetic firms in the world.

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