What is partner?

What Does partner Mean

A couple is a set of people , animals or things that maintain some kind of relationship or similarity with each other . The term is also used to name each of the members of a couple in relation to the other; This can be appreciated, for example, when someone talks about his boyfriend or his fiancé referring to him as "my partner", and the same can happen when talking about other species or even objects (for example, when these are manufactured in pairs).

The term is usually associated with the sentimental relationship that exists between two people . A courtship or marriage presupposes the existence of a couple. Ingrained denial in many nations leads people to think that heterosexual couples are more common than homosexual couples , even though that statement is invalid unless it is contrasted with the result of a census of all romantic unions in a given region. .

Anyway, little by little the world opens its eyes and begins to leave its prejudices behind, as evidenced by the measures in favor of sexual diversity that the governments of different countries take. We are still far, as a species, from living and letting live in peace, from not attacking those who think or act differently from us, but the small changes that have taken place in recent years show that perseverance is really the key to success. success.
It should be noted that the couple refers to the love bond and not to the legal status of the relationship: there are circumstantial couples, others who maintain a courtship, some get married , etc. The social evolution that has been seen in the world in recent decades has had a special impact on sentimental ties; In part, this may be due to the greater number of opportunities we enjoy today compared to three or four generations ago, both professionally and intellectually and culturally, since they require more free time to take advantage of.
Are we more selfish than our great-grandparents? This question only makes sense if we consider that seeking satisfaction through personal enrichment instead of giving ourselves body and soul to the maintenance of a family is synonymous with selfishness. Human beings are social, we enjoy cultural exchange, closeness with other individuals of our species; But this union must be spontaneous and voluntary , so that it does not turn against us.
There have always been people who defied the mandates of society and sought their own path, ignoring preconceptions and impositions , marriage and reproduction being two of the most deeply rooted in most cultures worldwide. Today we have unprecedented access to information, at a speed that borders on immediacy, and this can be a great help for many of those who have not yet decided to take the first step towards freedom.

In some countries, life as a couple is an obligation , the guaranteed destiny of its inhabitants. Many of these people will probably never stop to consider other possibilities, and this is where the evolution of the media can be very useful, as long as the truth is not intercepted by the hands of censorship.
When two people dance together, be it in a competition or for mere pleasure, they speak of dance partners . As an adjective, on the other hand, the term couple (or even) refers to something the same or similar , or to something that is smooth and flat : "I'm going to smooth the wall so that it is even" , "I need the glasses to be even; it is a gala dinner ” .

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