What is part?

What Does part Mean

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) recognizes more than twenty meanings of the term part . This concept, whose etymological origin is found in Latin ( partis ), is usually used to name a fragment or a fraction of something that constitutes a whole.

This means that a whole can be made up of several parts. For example: “This gift is just one part of all the surprises I prepared for your birthday” , “I think this doll is broken and some parts are missing” , “I am healthy, I am in love… the only part of my life that I worries is labor " .
The part in question can be symbolic or physical. A person may indicate that the part they like the most about another is their personality or that the favorite part of a movie is when the protagonist is saved from an accident. The part can also be concrete: a leg is a part of a table, just as a keyboard can be considered a part of a computer.

It is noteworthy that the word portion may be the conjugation of the verb from in Present Indicative mode in the third person singular: "Your plane leaves in an hour: it is too late to seek another suitcase" , "Whenever hand, bring my joy ” , “ Given the internal organizational problems, the train leaves each day at a different time ” .
The notion of party can also be used to name an individual or group that has an interest in a certain matter ( “The parties did not agree, so the contract has not yet been signed” ) or the parties that are involved in a confrontation ( “The warring parties met this morning on the banks of the river” ).
A certain place ( "Go somewhere else" ), a message or notice ( "The doctor still didn't give me Grandma's medical report" ), the divisions of an artistic work ( "The first part of Star Wars is my favorite " ) And sexual organs (in this case, it is used in the plural: " He hit me in my parts " ) are other concepts that are named as parts.
Devices, appliances, and automobiles, for example, are often sold in parts, either when the original product has been irreparably damaged, or when sellers want to make a bigger profit by adding a higher percentage to each part. This is very useful for those with the knowledge to carry out the relevant repair, since hiring a third party can cost much more money.

At present, thanks to the ease offered by free sale portals (such as eBay, Secondhand and Thousand Ads) that our computer stops working or that our mobile phone's screen is destroyed in a fall are no longer misfortunes irreparable: there are many people eager to buy the parts that have been saved, so it is enough to take the trouble to photograph them and put them up for sale to recover a percentage of the money that we will have to invest in a new device.
Another of the meanings of the word part refers to the role or character that an artist must play in a work. In this case, the assignment of each part can be done taking into account different criteria: in an opera, for example, the role of the bass baritone could not and should not be played by anyone who does not have that string, for which there is a restriction to physical level; When singing is not a requirement, it is possible to break down any barrier as long as the director considers it appropriate to convey his vision of the play (neither the sex nor the characteristics of the actors are rigid determinants of the parts they can play).

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