What is parrot?

What Does parrot Mean

The notion of parrot comes from the Caribbean word roro . The term refers to a bird that belongs to the order of the psittaciformes , a group that includes those species with striking colors and bent beaks that are graspers : they have a pair of backward-facing toes on their legs and strong jaws.

Parrots are typical animals of tropical regions . They can have an extension of 35 centimeters and have elongated fingers that allow them to take food and transfer it to their mouth .
Known for their intelligence , parrots can cling to branches and climb trees. The seeds are the basis of their diet, although some specimens also eat leaves, fruits and insects.

Like other birds Psittaciformes, parrots have the ability to imitate the voice of the human being . Therefore, when they are domesticated, these animals can learn to repeat words and even phrases, or even songs.
But the vocalization capacity of parrots goes beyond the human voice: like other birds, they are capable of imitating various sounds and noises in their environment, such as the squeak of a door, and also the sounds emitted by other animals. including the barking of dogs and the singing of canaries.
Thanks to these and other characteristics, the parrot is an animal that is especially interesting for humans. From its colorful plumage and the shape of its beak to its ability to imitate sounds, it is overflowing with appeal in every corner.
As a curious fact we can say that almost all species of parrots maintain the same couple throughout their lives, that is, they are monogamous for life. This bond is consolidated after reproduction, although it begins a while before. In nature, pairs of parrots are very affectionate and accompany each other, so it is easy to recognize them.
Unlike other birds, parrots do not create their own nests by collecting branches and leaves, but instead look for an empty space such as a hole in a tree, in a wall or even a cavity between rocks, although they can also take advantage of wells made by Other animals.
The legs of the parrots are of the zygodactyl type , since of their four fingers two point forward and two, backward. As mentioned above, they are good climbers and actually love to walk on tree branches.
Like other birds, the parrot holds its food with one leg and brings it to its mouth, in a very similar way to what we humans have. This makes them especially adorable for us, something that also happens to us when we watch a squirrel eat with its hands.

Most species of parrots live for many years, especially the larger ones. For example, macaws have a life expectancy that ranges from 35 to 50 years . On the other hand, it is known that in Chicago, United States, a cockatoo exceeded 80 years of age.
In colloquial language , parrot is called the individual who talks a lot or who repeats what others say . For example: “I don't want to sit next to Marcos again! He is a parrot, he does not shut up for a second ” , “ My neighbor is nothing more than a parrot who repeats what he hears on television, there is no point in discussing politics with him ” .
Also known as a parrot is the unattractive subject who dresses in a bizarre way: "Who is the parrot that appeared with the singer in all the photos?" , "The party was full of parrots in ridiculous outfits . "

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