What is parody?

What Does parody Mean

Parody is a word that comes from the Latin parody and that has its most remote origin in the Greek language. Specifically, we can establish that parody is a term that is made up of three perfectly delimited parts: the prefix for -, which can be translated as "next to"; the word oide , which is synonymous with "song"; and finally the suffix - ia , which is equivalent to "quality".

It is a burlesque imitation that caricatures a person , a work of art or a certain theme.
As a satirical work, the parody appears in various artistic genres and media. The film industry, television, music and literature often make parodies of political events or other works. Irony and exaggeration are generally used to convey a burlesque message and to amuse viewers, readers, or listeners.

Parodies would have arisen in ancient Greek literature, with poems disrespectfully imitating the contents or forms of other poems. The Romans also developed parodies as imitations of humorous style, as did neoclassical French literature.
"Don Quixote de la Mancha" , the famous work of Miguel de Cervantes , is usually described as a parody that makes fun of chivalric books. The heroism and values ​​transmitted by this type of work appear subverted by Cervantes with humor and ironies.
In the same way, it should be noted another work that is considered a parody of the society of the moment in which it was published. We are referring to “Gulliver's Travels”, written by Jonathan Swift in 1726. It tells us about the adventures of a captain who will live endless adventures in various lands where in some cases he will be a giant among dwarves and in others will he be the dwarf among giants.
In the cinematographic field, it must be emphasized that there are many films that are responsible for parodying society or other previous films. Among the most significant cases we would have to highlight, for example, the North American production "Scary Movie". This one, which has several parts and which has been directed by the Wayans brothers, is a clear parody of the horror saga “Scream”.
Saga that has been brought to the big screen by the filmmaker Wes Craven and that revolves around the figure of the young Sidney Prescott, who in its various installments will be chased by a murderer who adopts the identity of Ghostface. Thus, under a hidden appearance, he ends the lives of the people around the girl and tries to do the same with hers.
"The Simpsons" is a television program characterized by the presentation of parodies of all kinds. On some occasions, the characters of the family imitate behaviors and acquire typical poses of famous personalities in the introduction of the chapters. Other parodic scenes appear in the middle of the stories or are already established within the series, such as the attitude of Krusty The Clown (a parody of children's entertainers who, in reality, have no sympathy with children).

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