What is parakeet?

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What Does parakeet Mean

The notion of parakeet is often used to name any bird that is a member of the psittacidae or sitacid group : animals with colorful plumage and short, curved beaks. The parrots , the parrots and macaws , therefore, are parakeets.

According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), parakeet refers specifically to a species of parrot that has green, blue and other colored feathers. It is about ten inches tall and inhabits forests and cultivated land.
This parakeet affects coffee and corn crops , for example. It can be tamed with ease and is famous for its high-pitched screams.

The Hypericum perforatum plant is known in some regions as a parakeet, as is the fish Coryphaena hippurus . A headdress with false hair that was used in ancient times and a large fan is also called a parakeet .
In Colombia , on the other hand, the idea of parakeet can be used to refer to scrambled eggs , coffee cut with milk or cocaine . For Nicaraguans, meanwhile, a parakeet is an individual who is learning a trade or the dimple that forms in the cheeks.
In the same way, we cannot ignore that Perico is also used as a male name. Specifically, as a diminutive of Pedro. A good example of this is the figure of Perico Delgado (1960). This is a former cyclist from Segovia (Spain) who managed to be one of the best as he achieved not only several cycling championships in his country but also the Tour de France.
Likewise, we must not forget the series of children's and youth literature starring the character of Fray Perico. This one, created by the Spanish author Juan Muñoz Martín (1929), has a total of nine volumes and has achieved enormous recognition with the El Barco de Vapor Award.
"Fray Perico y su borrico" is the first book of that aforementioned saga, which is carried out by that peculiar friar with a plump and very good-natured appearance who lives in the 19th century. Other books that revolve around this character are "Fray Perico en la paz", "Fray Perico y la primavera" or "Fray Perico, Calcetín y el guerrillero Martín".
The term Perico also appears in the denomination of several localities. In Cuba , Perico is a municipality in the province of Matanzas that was founded in the mid-nineteenth century and has more than 30,000 inhabitants . On the other hand, the province of Jujuy , in Argentina , has a city called Perico in the department of El Carmen .

In addition to all the above, we cannot overlook either that colloquially in Spain the term parakeet is used to refer to a drug. Specifically, it is used to refer to a type of cocaine that is consumed either by injecting it or by snorting it. It is considered that this is really dangerous because it can cause in those who take it from damage to the heart and brain to some type of mental illness.
Finally, Los Pericos is an Argentine ska and reggae band . Currently led by Juanchi Baleirón , it has edited more than ten albums.

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