What is pantograph?

What Does pantograph Mean

The notion of pantograph has two main uses, as detailed by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary. On the one hand, it refers to the articulated system that is placed on the roof of certain vehicles to take the current of an air conductor. On the other hand, the term refers to the tool that allows you to reduce, enlarge or copy a drawing or a plan.

It is no less interesting to know the etymological origin of this term that we are now dealing with. It derives from the Greek and is the result of the union of “pan, pantos”, which means “everything”, and of “graphein”, which is synonymous with “description”.
A pantograph, therefore, can be a bar mechanism that enables the transmission of electrical energy to a tram , a trolleybus or a locomotive . The pantograph makes the means of transport have traction force.

Located on the roof of the unit, the pantograph automatically adjusts to reach the catenary (the overhead power cables) beyond height . The necessary movement can be arranged through an articulated or diamond-shaped (rhombus) arm.
A pantograph, on the other hand, is an instrument that is based on a parallelogram . Its operation is given by interconnected rods that move around a fixed point.
These pantographs are used for the reproduction of drawings on a different scale . Taking a figure as a reference, another homothetic figure can be drawn. What you need to do is modify the distance between the various articulation points to change the scale .
This type of pantograph is curious to know that it has an origin of several centuries ago. Specifically, it is considered that, to a certain extent, it was based on the theories or principles developed by the French philosopher and mathematician René Descartes (1596 - 1650).
However, the first person to shape a pantograph as such is considered to be the German priest, astronomer and physicist Christoph Scheiner (1575 - 1650). Moreover, this has gone down in history, among other things, for being the inventor of this instrument.
This type of device or tool can be of different types. However, one of the most relevant and most used today is the so-called wooden pantograph. This, as its name suggests, is the one used to draw on wood.
However, there is also, for example, the one used in the field of jewelry. Specifically, it is used to make all kinds of recordings and inscriptions on jewels of different types. Thus, for example, it can be used to engrave the names of a couple on their wedding rings or the name of a newborn on the medal or slave that their godparents give them.
Finally, pantography is called the technique that uses a pantograph for copying, modeling, engraving or cutting a design on different scales. The dimensions of the pantograph determine the scope of the pantography.

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