What is pangenus?

What Does pangenus Mean

According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), gender is the group to which a person belongs according to their sex , but not from a biological criterion, but taking into account a sociocultural perspective . It is known as gender identity , in this framework, the perception of a subject about himself in relation to gender : this appreciation is subjective and may or may not coincide with sexual characteristics.

With these ideas clear, we can move forward with the definition of pangender . So the name given to the group of individuals who have multiple identities of gender . In other words: the gender identity of someone pangender contemplates a multiplicity of gender identities.

This means that the pangender human being can feel of any gender or even of all genders . These people do not pass from one gender identity to another (as in the case of fluid gender ), but rather identify with different identities simultaneously and fixedly.
There is a flag that identifies people who feel framed within the term pangender. This is made up of seven horizontal stripes of equal size that, from top to bottom, are of these colors: dark gray, light gray, yellow, white, yellow, light gray and dark gray.
We speak of cisgender to refer to who is identified with their biological gender (their sexual phenotype ). The cisnormatividad , therefore, involves a binary reality : directed only at the male and female gender. The pangender, in this way, is outside the binary genders.
Like the aggender , bgender , triggen and fluid gender , the panggender is part of the idea of non-binary gender . This implies the existence of identities that are not framed in the masculine or feminine, but in other categories that exceed that duality.
The gender we have to indicate that it refers to people who, regardless of the body in which they were born, are not considered to be male or female. They bet on a null one.
The person who uses the term bgender to refer to himself is one who identifies in the same way with the two genders. What's more, you can tailor your perception to one or the other based on the circumstances in which you find yourself.
We can establish that the triggender is the term used to refer to people who not only identify with the female and male genders but who can also perceive a third gender. This third gender can be a null one or even a mixture of all three.
For its part, fluid gender is that of people who, at times, feel like men and other times, however, feel like women. This 'feeling' is considered to be one or the other based on the context in which they may be found.

In addition to the aforementioned gender identities, there are others that have also gained prominence in recent times: variant gender, questioned gender, intergender or polygender.

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