What is pancake?

What Does pancake Mean

In English it is where we can establish that the etymological origin of the term pancake that we are now going to address is found. Specifically, we can underline that it derives from the word "pancake", which can be translated as "pancake" or "pan pan".

A pancake is called a thin cake that is made with a dough of flour, milk and beaten eggs .
Also called pancakes or pancakes , pancakes can be sweet or savory . These are products similar to crepes : the use of both notions, in fact, is indistinct in some regions .
A pancake, in short, is a kind of flat bread . Although there are multiple recipes , the basic dough always includes wheat flour, milk, beaten eggs and, depending on the case, salt or sugar.

It is also possible to incorporate cinnamon, vanilla essence, grated cheese, lard or butter and even yeast . It all depends on the type of pancake to be made and, of course, on the taste of each of the consumers.
In Argentina , for example, pancakes are often served with dulce de leche . It is common for this ingredient to be added directly to the dough and then roll up the pancake, creating a kind of stuffed tube.
In America , the most popular pancakes are made with maple syrup . Pancakes with honey , with jam and with crème anglaise are also famous . Spaniards, meanwhile, usually consume them with heavy cream or cream .
In the case of savory pancakes, they are often made with cheese and ham . In addition, other components can be used, such as sausages or tomatoes.
A curious fact about pancakes is their origin. Specifically, it is considered that it was the Romans who invented a dish, known as alita dolcia, which can be established as the starting point of those. They sold it outside the squares and prepared it with flour, milk, spices and eggs. Of course, then they smeared it in honey.
However, it is considered that the first pancake batter as we now know it was born in the 19th century. It was exactly in the year 1890 when it was made by the David Milling Company.
It is important to mention that pancakes can be consumed as breakfast , lunch , snack or dinner . Due to the variety of recipes, there are products of this kind that are suitable to be eaten at any time.
You may not know it, but there is a pancake day. Specifically, this is celebrated on the last Tuesday before Lent and refers to an ancient celebration carried out by Christians. Apparently, on that date, to avoid falling into 'temptation' during the aforementioned Lent, they would first prepare large pancakes with the sugar, eggs and fats that they had in their pantries.

Another curiosity about this food is that there is even a Guinness record around it. Exactly we mean that in 1994 the Manchester Union Ltd Cooperative gave shape to the largest pancake in the world. It was 15 meters in diameter.

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