What is Palm tree?

What Does Palm tree Mean

The first thing we are going to do in order to get to know the meaning of the term palm tree is to discover its etymological origin. Specifically, we have to establish that it derives from Latin and that it is the result of the union of two lexical components of that language:

-The noun “palma”, which means “palm of the hand”.

-The suffix “-era”, which was used to refer to different types of trees.

A palm tree is called a tree of the family group of palms that can reach a height of about twenty meters.
It is interesting to know that the palm tree starts from the noun "palm" because it is considered that the leaves of this tree are wide like that area of ​​the hand and, in addition, they have tips that resemble the fingers of that one.
Palms, in turn, are monocotyledonous plants (their embryo has a single cotyledon) and angiosperms (their carpels make up an ovary that contains the ovules) whose stem is woody, has no branches and has large leaves in its upper section.

Palm trees have a cylindrical trunk that is characterized by its roughness. Its crown lacks branches and exhibits petioled and pointed leaves up to four meters long. Its flowers , meanwhile, have a yellowish hue.
The fruit of the palm is the date , whose flesh is edible. The dates grow in clusters that are located under the leaves, on both sides of the trunk of the palm tree.
Beyond this definition, in colloquial language, other trees of the palm family are often referred to as palm trees . The heart of palm and the coconut tree , in this framework, are also palm trees.
Palm trees grow mostly in subtropical and tropical regions, although they can appear in temperate and even desert areas. They generally require a high level of humidity .
It is important to mention that palm trees are of great economic importance. From these trees, food , fibers, oils and resources are obtained for the manufacture of multiple products, including homes.
The place where palm trees grow is referred to as a palm grove , while the set of palm trees is a palm grove . El Palmar National Park and Reserve , for example, is located in the Argentine province of Entre Ríos and is characterized by being one of the most northern natural palm groves in the world .
One of the most important palm groves in Spain is located in the Alicante city of Elche. It is also known as Huertos de Palmeras de Elche, it is the largest palm grove in all of Europe as well as one of the most significant in the world. It has between 200,000 and 300,000 specimens of palm trees and the most abundant is the so-called “Phoenix dactylifera”, which was the one that centuries ago the Arabs brought to the Iberian Peninsula.

It is also interesting to note that it has been declared, since 2000, as a World Heritage Site, which has an area of ​​500 hectares and that among its most special species is the so-called Imperial Palm. It received that name in homage to Empress Isabel de Baviera, better known as Sissi, who visited the Palm Grove around 1894.

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