What is pallet?

What Does pallet Mean

Pallet is an English term accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), which in any case also recognizes its version as a pallet . A pallet is called a platform formed with boards that is used for the storage and transfer of merchandise .

Pallets are structures used to move cargo . When a load is on a pallet, it is easy to lift and transport it using hydraulic cranes such as pallet trucks or forklifts .
It is estimated that the pallets arose in the framework of the Second World War . During the development of this war, the armies began to use this resource to facilitate the arrival of supplies to the troops.

To favor loading and unloading operations, there are different types of pallets that have been standardized and that always have the same measurements. The so-called universal pallet , for example , measures 1200 x 1000 millimeters , while the European pallet measures 1200 x 800 millimeters .
It should be noted that most pallets are made of wood. In fact, it is estimated that at least 90% of the market corresponds to wooden pallets , which are treated with antibacterial products. However, there are also pallets of metal , the cardboard pallets and plastic pallets .
The process for disposing the goods on a pallet is called palletizing or palletizing . Thanks to this procedure, the load is placed in boxes or in another type of packaging and is ready for handling and transport using pallets, thereby saving time .
Beyond its industrial use, in recent times the pallet has become part of the basic DIY materials. Although at first glance it may seem difficult to believe, with a pallet it is possible to manufacture all kinds of furniture with a very attractive and modern appearance , which give a rural touch to any environment and result in significant savings on a monetary level.
As often happens with other types of products that we can make at home, pallets give us the opportunity to create simple furniture, which requires basic material handling , or to embark on more complex processes, which require many measurements, cuts and hands. of paint to literally transform these wooden bases into frames, shelves or even baskets.

Among the immense variety of furniture that we can make with pallets, perhaps the simplest of all is the bed: if our desire is simply to get a base so that our mattress does not rest directly on the floor, then the manufacturing process can consist of in grouping and stacking a few pallets. Of course, we can add a series of steps to this so that the results are more satisfactory.
For example, one of the fundamental resources for customizing pallet designs is sanding, painting, and varnishing them. In this way we can give them the color or colors that we want to adapt to the rest of the elements of the room and soften its surface to avoid injuries when touching it. The wood finish is necessary beyond aesthetics, especially if the pallet is picked up from the street.
Since the length and width of the pallets do not always match the characteristics of the product we want to create, with a little patience and skill we can cut them. In the case of a bed, the ideal is that the dimensions are the same as the mattress, but there are those who leave a surplus at the head or feet to place lamps, cushions or other complementary products such as ornaments, which enhance the impact of the design final.

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