What is packaging?

What Does packaging Mean

Packaging is a term in the English language that the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) does not include in its dictionary . The concept, however, is used very often to refer to the packaging, container or packaging of something .

For example: "The packaging of these candies caught my attention" , "The company will invest 20,000 pesos to renew the packaging of its products" , "We need to develop a resistant packaging to market the new microprocessors" .
Packaging, therefore, can be the paper that wraps a product or the box in which it is stored. The objective is that the packaging protects the product in question during its transfer to the sales centers, its permanence in a warehouse or in a local and its handling.

Another important feature of packaging is that it allows information to be transmitted to the consumer. The packaging usually contains details of the manufacturer and the product, expiration date, components and other information.
The companies often pay close attention to the packaging because it is a letter of introduction to the potential buyer. That is why the packaging must attract attention and be attractive: this allows the product to stand out from others.
To proceed with the consumption of what is inside the packaging, the person must remove the packaging. In some cases you have to break a seal while in others the system includes its opening mode through a die-cut . A faster and easier option, when the packaging is made of paper, is to tear it up.
Tips for choosing a good packaging
When offering a good service to consumers, it is very important to think about the packages in which we will send or deliver our products. If it is an online store, perhaps, the effort should be greater because good packaging can be an excellent way to indelibly reach customers , to win their attention. In this decision it is important not only to think about our economy but also to develop our good taste to know how to decide the best packaging for our products. Here are some tips that can be very useful to you.
1- Choose boxes or bags the size of the products and use good quality packaging material (safe and with good finishes). Do not forget the bubble wrap to ensure a good trip to your products.

2- Wrap the boxes with attractive wrapping paper to make them look special and decorate them with ties or company stickers.
3- Write personal dedications to each of the packages so that the recipient feels pampered. You can choose phrases like «Thank you for trusting us. Enjoy the experience ', or things like that.
4- Reward the trust of buyers with personalized discount coupons so that when they make their next purchase they feel at home.
5- Send small catalogs in your packaging to recommend to customers other products that you have and that you consider may be useful or attractive.
6- Send inside the package the invoice of the order with the detailed information of the store to demonstrate your professionalism and invite trust in the client.
6- Take the opportunity to remind your clients that you have a page and that they can follow you through social networks .
7- And the most important. Remind them how important it is to you that they chose you over other stores.
It is important that when you decide on a specific packaging you always use the same one; This will give strength to your venture , something that all buyers appreciate. Finally, keep in mind that a good presentation is the best way to find new clients, so keep these tips in mind to ensure the success of your business.

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