What is pack?

What Does pack Mean

A pack is a group of dogs that is used to hunt . It is possible to distinguish between small game packs (whose members try to catch hares, foxes or rabbits) and large game packs (aimed at wild boar, deer or roe deer).

The pack is led by a perrero , who can be in charge of between four and about sixty dogs. The dogs are responsible for following the trail that the animal to hunt leaves at night to find it during the day. Once found, the dogs chase the prey until the hunter shoots it down with his firearm or until it is caught by the hounds themselves.
Among the types of dogs that act as hounds, those that belong to the breed known as the Spanish hound stand out. In the north of the aforementioned country is where the origin of this type of trail dog is found, which is specialized in what is the hunting of fur animals such as deer, wild boar, roe deer or wolf, among others.

The concept is used, by extension, to name any group of dogs . In this way, when a group of stray or wild dogs appear, they usually speak of a pack: “A pack attacked a four-year-old girl and caused her serious injuries” , “The abandoned factory has been occupied by several packs that prevent the people go through the door ” , “ The lineman walked with his pack behind, without people nearby but accompanied by his faithful canine friends ” .
The term is also used symbolically to name the set of those who persecute or harass one or more individuals with animosity : "When the artist left the hotel, a pack of photographers chased him without letting him walk" , "Journalists are like a pack that won't leave you alone until they hunt you down ” .
In addition to all the above, it must be emphasized that the term in question has been part of the title of a film that has become one of the classics of cinema of all time. We are referring to the film "The Human Pack", which hit the big screen in 1966 from the hands of director Arthur Penn.
Marlon Brando, Angie Dickinson, Jane Fonda, EG Marshall and Robert Redford are some of the actors that make up the cast of this aforementioned drama that revolves around the figure of a person who has been unjustly condemned by the relevant authorities and who now returns to his town, located in the southern United States.
This return to the aforementioned population will lead to part of the citizenry rising up against the convicted individual. A real chaos and the most complicated situations will be those that the sheriff of the place will have to face, who will do everything possible to try to calm the nerves and appease the attitudes of certain miserable individuals.
In the cultural sphere, it must be stated that there is also a book entitled "The pack". It is written by the French author Émile Zola and is part of the Les Rougon-Macquart saga.
Finally, Jauría is an Argentine rock band led by Ciro Pertusi , a former member of Attaque 77 .

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