What is oxysales?

What Does oxysales Mean

The oxisales constitute a kind of salt that arises when oxyacid acid and a hydroxide are combined or, more simply, a radical and a metal. The fruit of this bond is known as oxisal , oxosal, or oxacid salt .

To understand what oxysalts are, therefore, we have to know what various concepts refer to. Let's start with the chemical notion of salt: it is a compound that is formed by the bonding of cations and anions (that is, ions with different charges: positive and negative). Salts, in this way, are the result of a reaction that is generated from the relationship between an acid (the anion) and a base (the cation).

Oxacids and hydroxides form oxysalts. The first compound (also called oxoacid acid) is created from a molecule of H2O (water) and a non-metallic oxide. Hydroxides, for their part, are composed of a metal together with one or more hydroxyl anions. The difference between a hydroxide and an oxide is that they are formed with oxygen.
In addition, it must be stated that the oxysalts formula establishes that both the metallic element and the non-metallic element and oxygen come into play, without forgetting the values ​​of the oxoacid and the valence of the first of those mentioned, the metal.
No less important is to know that there are several nomenclatures for oxysalts. However, among the most significant are the following:

• Traditional nomenclature. This is the one taken using the name of the oxoacid element and consists of replacing its ending –oso with –ito, or –ico with –aco. To this will be added the name of the metallic element with a termination based on its valence: -ico if it has 1, -or or if it has 2…

• Systematic nomenclature. In this case, with some exceptions, the name is given in this order: name of the anion + name of the cation + prefix of the number of atoms of the metallic element.

• Stock nomenclature. This is very similar to the traditional one and also requires the use of the metallic element in question and its valence. The latter must be stated that it should go in parentheses.
It should also be emphasized that oxysalts have a series of characteristics that are worth highlighting. Among these are the following: most have the peculiarity that they are soluble in water, can conduct electricity and many of them are used in the field of medicine to prevent botulism or perform X-ray radiographs, for example.
The sodium nitrate , the calcium chlorite and cobalt silicate are examples of oxisales. Its use is very varied: they can be used for cleaning, preventing diseases , producing glass or making toothpastes, among other functions.
It should be noted that the naming of oxysales, with their prefixes and suffixes, obeys various rules that are common in the field of chemistry.

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