What is outlaw?

What Does outlaw Mean

According to the first meaning mentioned by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), an outlaw is a subject who engages in crime, staying away from cities and towns to avoid the security forces. The outlaw, therefore, commits crimes and then moves to escape the actions of justice. In this context, one of its most common synonyms is gunman .

The etymology of the term would come from the old Catalan foraxit , which could derive from the Italian fuoruscito . These ideas can be translated as "going out" and are linked to the flight of criminals.
In ancient times, outlaws were often associated with bandits - armed individuals who assaulted travelers in the middle of a road or in non-populated settings. This type of action allowed them to hide easily. Outlaws used to act in groups, forming criminal gangs.

One of the most famous outlaws in history is Billy the Kid , an American criminal born in 1859 and killed in 1881 . Also known as Henry Antrim and William Bonney , his real name was William Henry McCarthy .
Billy the Kid, who is also known in our language as Billy the Kid, enjoys immense popularity worldwide, largely thanks to having starred in countless fictional stories, such as graphic novels. It is important to note that he was a very feared murderer and thief in his time, despite the fact that the figure of him today marks him as a hero .
It all started when Billy murdered two men on his land before fleeing and becoming a true outlaw. From that moment on, his life revolved around robberies and shooting in cold blood, all this while continuing to move from one point to another. At a certain point in his life he was imprisoned, but managed to escape before being sent to the gallows, for which he decided to kill six security guards. His nickname was due to his childish appearance, despite his age.
Another of the most famous outlaws in history was Jesse James , who has the mark of the highest reward offered for his capture: 100,000 dollars, a real fortune if we take into account that he lived between the years 1847 and 1882. In addition to This is the gunman about whom the most films have been made. Unlike Billy the Kid, he was considered a popular martyr and hero in his day.
One of the deadliest in the Wild West was John Wesley Hardin , who "boasts" fifty-eight deaths, including people of great importance, such as commissioners. As a curious fact, it is known that the acclaimed actor and director Clint Eastwood had the intention of making a movie about him, but that the project was canceled due to the immense and contradictory amount of information they found about this character .

Hardin always he acted on his own and was focused on the attacks on trains and banks. One of his great feats was to stop a hundred-passenger train by placing stones on the tracks.
Nowadays, an outlaw is often called someone who lives outside the margins of the law or who does not respect social norms and conventions. For example: “Three outlaws destroyed the monument that commemorates the hero of independence” , “The young man was accosted by outlaws on his way to school and had all his belongings stolen” , “We cannot allow a group of outlaws dedicates himself to frightening members who try to enjoy the club's facilities ” .

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