What is outbreak?

What Does outbreak Mean

The notion of bud , which derives from the Gothic brŭt , refers to the new bud or shoot of a plant . A sprout, therefore, supposes the growth of a plant species . For example: "The pumpkin plant has given new shoots" , "Be careful not to damage the shoots while removing the dry leaves" , "I do not understand why the azalea does not give shoots" .

The sprouts can be germinations of a seed or the development of new stems, leaves or flowers . Because they have not yet completed the development of their cell walls secondary outbreaks are a food highly valued by animals, both for its tenderness and the ease with which they can digest.

The human being also feeds on the shoots of different plants. In this context, bean sprouts are very popular in Asian cuisine. These are the germination of soybeans, which must be washed before consumption.
The act and consequence of sprouting (beginning to manifest or occur) is also called an outbreak . Based on this idea , there are many other uses of the notion of sprout.
In the field of epidemiology , an outbreak refers to the irruption of an infectious disease in a certain place (such as a city or a country). The appearance of an outbreak means the development of an epidemic , with many people affected: "The World Health Organization expressed concern about the Ebola outbreak in several African nations . "
A psychotic break , finally, occurs when a person temporarily loses track of reality . This means that the subject, by stress, by an organic issue or by the consumption of a hallucinogen, moves away from the real thing and begins to have strange thoughts and behaviors.
These episodes respond to a complex network of causes that are not the same in all individuals, but do share the reaction of the witnesses, which is usually characterized by fright and rejection, as if the sick person were a monster that we should isolate from the person. society and eliminate so that it does not harm anyone.
In our societies, violence is frowned upon, although there are exceptions: fights between men, bullfighting, livestock, animal exploitation and sports such as boxing are accepted; However, if someone suffers a psychotic break in the middle of a shopping center and begins to destroy the facilities, we point it out, we are horrified, as if absolute peace were normal in our species.

According to psychiatrists specialized in this subject, not everyone can suffer a psychotic outbreak, but there must be a predisposition to psychotic decompensation , unless the cause is the consumption of a toxic substance. It is important, on the other hand, to frame these episodes in the context of schizophrenia, a disorder that begins during adolescence and evolves through outbreaks, deteriorating the person at every step.
During the disconnection from reality caused by the psychotic break, the individual cannot use his common sense , and therefore does not seem to fear the consequences of his actions. In some cases hallucinations of various types occur, such as auditory, visual and kinesthetic (rare sensations inside the body).
The psychotic outbreak can pose a risk for third parties, but in principle it is for those who suffer it. Symptoms that usually appear before the episode include the following: self-harm, such as hitting the head; strange noises and gestures; aggression against third parties, regardless of the relationship that exists with them; isolation; truancy from school or work.

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