What is orphanage?

What Does orphanage Mean

An orphanage is an institution that is responsible for providing shelter to orphans : that is, to children who have suffered the loss of their parents. The term has its etymological root in orphănus , a late Latin word.

Also called an orphanage or orphanage , the orphanage usually takes in minors whose parents have died. The establishment, however, can also protect children who were abandoned by their parents or those who were separated from them by a court decision .
At present, regardless of the differences and particularities of each case, it is often preferred that orphans are adopted by new families and that they spend as little time as possible in an orphanage. Another resource is that they are raised in foster homes before the final adoption.

Despite being marked by this trend, orphanages continue to be of great importance. They can be maintained by the state or have private financing, especially when they are managed by religious congregations .
“El orfanato” , on the other hand, is the title of a Spanish film that was released in 2007 . Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona and with Belén Rueda as the protagonist, its story begins with the intention of a woman to reopen the orphanage in which she grew up, now converted into a specialized center for minors with disabilities.
The image of the orphanage appears in a large number of stories, particularly within the horror and drama genres, since the mere idea of ​​not having a family generates negative feelings and this is compounded by the fear that the staff in charge of the children want to hurt them .
As unfortunate as it may seem, the horrors we see in many films set in orphanages sometimes fall short of what hundreds of children have experienced in the real world, in the centuries that such institutions have existed: there are many stories real psychological and sexual abuse by nuns, priests, nurses and male nurses, who try by all means to silence the children so that they cannot ask for help .
Although abuses in orphanages are an intrinsic part of the history of these institutions, many of the accounts of the victims emerge today, thanks to the investigations that begin with the aim of putting an end to so much injustice and guaranteeing once and for all for all the safety of the children. One way to help children who have all the people who want to be parents is by adopting them.

The first orphanage in history is located in Valencia and was founded in the 15th century . The house that they used to take in orphans from the year 1410, functioned until then as a place of lodging for hermits when they needed to rest or to be cured of some disease. It was San Vicente Ferrer who gave it this new utility, moved by the needs of so many children without families or homes who roamed the city.
It is said that at that time there were many orphans who wandered the streets aimlessly, since there was no body that specifically cared for them; instead, they depended on the individual and spontaneous charity of the people. The name given to this historic building was Orphan College . Towards the end of the 15th century, given that the number of orphans had increased considerably, they decided to add two seats.
Lastly, Orfanato Music Group is a Puerto Rican record label created by Don Omar in 2007 . In addition to this artist , his staff includes figures such as Natti Natasha and Kendo Kaponi .

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