What is original?

What Does original Mean

With etymological origin in the Latin originālis , original is a term that is usually used as an adjective , although it is also used as a noun in certain contexts. The first meaning mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary refers to what is linked to origin (birth, beginning).

What was invented or created by its author is classified as original . Many times the notion emphasizes how novel this creation is. For example: "The original painting is in the Louvre Museum" , "I love that dress, it seems very original to me" , "The film presents an original plot that surprises the viewer" .

The object that is used as a model for the production of another identical to it is also named in this way : "I gave copies to my three children and I kept the original key that the owner gave me" , "The original portrait did not it is exhibited to the public, but copies are shown ” . This use may appear as a noun: "The original was lost although we have certified copies . "
Regarding the component of a machine or an apparatus , the original qualification refers to the fact that the part comes from the same factory where the artifact in question was produced: “The original cartridge has a price of 2000 pesos, while the alternative costs 800 pesos " , " This workshop works exclusively with original spare parts " , " I did not get original supplies, so I had to carry out the repair with other elements " .
In the case of printers, which is mentioned in the first example of the previous paragraph, original ink cartridges are always more expensive than alternative ones, manufactured by third parties. This can be due to many issues, such as the quality of the materials, both plastic and ink, but also due to the price that is usually associated with the very name of a company . Many people refuse to pay this seemingly unnecessary amount and opt for inexpensive brands.
Although the price of an original input or spare part is usually more expensive, it is not always a corporate whim that seeks to enhance a certain brand, but in some cases the difference is justified by the quality , the guarantee and a quality service. customer service available at all times to meet needs and resolve complications.
They say that "cheap is expensive", and in this case you can understand if we think of a clone replacement that costs us half the original but breaks down shortly after being released and the factory does not offer us any type of guarantee or assistance, so that we are forced to buy a new unit.

On a commercial level, the idea of ​​original is used very often to defend, so to speak, the first unit of a given product that has been unfairly or illegally imitated. This can be both a material good such as a song, a video game, a book or a movie, among other kinds of creations that in their respective markets can be imitated without any shame in order to take advantage of their popularity.
It is not at all uncommon to encounter this practice, although it can occur in varying degrees, from the sheer cheek of copying the original product with almost no differences to the smartest (or twisted, depending on your point of view) tactic of skipping all potential claims for infringing the rights of copyright. In any case, those who respect originality do not accept imitations, however disguised they may be.
Finally, El Original is an Argentine cumbia band . He had his first show in 2003 and has released a dozen albums.

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