What is Ordinary?

What Does Ordinary Mean

From the Latin ordinarĭus , ordinary is an adjective that allows to name something common and regular, that happens in a habitual way or that is frequent . For example: "Do not worry, it is an ordinary and common disease among children under five years of age" , "It is an ordinary fault that can appear in any house" , "Next week the ordinary sessions of the current legislature end ” .

Ordinary is also that or that vulgar, that has no distinction and that is of little esteem : "That man is an ordinary, he did not even answer my greeting" , "Don't be ordinary, don't you know that burping is rude" , " The president was very ordinary in insulting his opponents ” , “ I invested a lot in his education but I have to admit that my son is an ordinary ” .

The daily expenses that a family has and what they usually eat is also known as ordinary: "The purchase of the new television was not part of the ordinary expenses of our budget" , "Yesterday I made the ordinary purchases of the week: meat, vegetables , milk, oil and a few other products ” .
In addition to all this, we cannot ignore the existence of a series of professions that make use of the ordinary term in their name. This would be the case, for example, of the ordinary mayor who we could say is the neighbor of a specific locality who exercises in it what would be the usual and common jurisdiction.
On the other hand, we find the ordinary judge. In this case, said judicial authority is the one that in the first instance is in charge of hearing the different lawsuits and causes that come to this area of ​​justice.
Long ago there was also what was known as the ordinary inquisitor. This came to be the member of the Holy Office whose main mission was to carry out the establishment of the sentence that corresponded to the prisoners who had been guilty and accused of having committed a crime of faith.
It is precisely within the religious sphere that we also have to make clear the existence of what is known simply as ordinary. Under this denomination is the diocesan bishop. A term that is related to what was called the ordinary month, which was the date established for this ecclesiastical authority to present the benefits of all kinds that had been obtained.
All this without forgetting that in the past, although now it is already in disuse, the ordinary term was frequently used to refer to that man who worked as a cart driver and who was in charge of transporting both goods and people from one town to another.
The ordinary mail is one that is shipped by land or sea and it takes longer to get that special services (such as airmail or certificate): "A week left for aunt birthday: if we use e ordinary, we would have to send the postcard right now to ensure that it arrives on time " , " I prefer to choose certified mail as it is much faster than ordinary " .

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