What is orc?

What Does orc Mean

The first thing we have to establish to know the meaning of the term orc is to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we have to emphasize that it is a word that derives from Latin. Specifically, it comes from “orcus”, which can be translated as “god of the underworld”.

The term orc has several uses according to the context. The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) recognizes four meanings, although there are others.
According to the RAE , the place where the dead go or, more specifically, to hell is called orc . This is linked to the etymology of the concept, coming from a Latin word that refers to the “afterlife” . That is why orc is also synonymous with huerco .

The RAE also mentions that orc is the male orca : a marine animal that feeds on whales, sea lions, dolphins, seals and other species. This cetacean can measure up to 10 meters and is characterized by its serrated mouth and long pectoral fins.
The idea of orc, on the other hand, refers to monstrous creatures . In Celtic mythology, the existence of orcs was postulated to explain events that occurred in the forests, such as attacks and assaults.
Orcs are similar or equal to ogres . These beings appear in numerous literary works and role-playing games, adopting different characteristics according to each author.
JRR Tolkien is one of the writers who included orcs in his stories . In this case, they are monsters of low intelligence, although endowed with a certain cunning. Tolkien's orcs are destructive and violent.
In the aforementioned fantastic saga of the aforementioned author orcs are also known by the name of goblins, they hate everyone and serve their masters simply out of fear. Not to mention that they are divided into common orcs, half-orcs and uruk-hai.
In the same way, they hate what sunlight is, although they have a humanoid appearance, they are beastly, they have a stature somewhat shorter than that of the human being and have really ferocious faces.
In this aforementioned literary series by Tolkien it must be established that different theories about the origin of the orcs are developed. Thus, for example, one of them indicates that they are the result of a corruption carried out by Elkor from the elves. However, another determines that they could have been the result of the corruption carried out by Elkor from the sum of humans and elves.
However, other assumptions are being considered, such as that they are the fruit of the mixture of several different races and even that they may be the result of the elves' mockery of Elkor from what are materials of the earth.
In the "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" franchise , which includes TV series, movies, toys, comics and video games, a character named Orko appears : a mix of magician and jester who is friends with He-Man . Orko flies around and, from his face, only his eyes are visible.

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