What is orb?

What Does orb Mean

Orb is a term that comes from the Latin orbis . Its first meaning recognized by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) refers to something round or circular . By extension, the concept of orb is used to name the world .

For example: “A survey ensures that FC Barcelona is the most popular club in the world” , “Thanks to my management, the company began to sell its products in all corners of the world” , “The writer traveled a large part of the world during his adolescence and youth ” .
The notion of orb is not only used in reference to the Earth , but it can also be used to refer to a celestial body : "The spacecraft was approaching an unknown orb when the communications system began to fail . "

An orb can also be a symbol of Christianity that includes a representation of the planet and a cross on its top. This image is present in jewelry, coins and various icons. Its meaning reflects that Jesus Christ (represented by the cross) is the supreme being who is situated over humanity.
It is also interesting that we know that Orbe is the name of a commune in Switzerland. It is in the canton of Vaud that this population is located, which has just over 6,500 inhabitants and which once belonged to the well-known Orbe District, which disappeared in 2008.
All this without forgetting that in France, specifically in the department of Jura in Franche-Comté, there is a city that also has Orbe as its name.
But there is still more. Orbe is, in the same way, one of the rivers of the Gallic country. It is characterized by having about 70 kilometers in length, approximately, and by running between it and Switzerland.
It is part of the Rhine basin, its source in Les Rousses, at an altitude of 1,150 meters, and its mouth in the Aare river, at an altitude of 429 meters. All this without forgetting that among its most significant tributaries there are three: the Talent River, which is the most important; the Arroyo de Epoisats and La Jougnena.
A type of fish with a spherical body is called an orb. It is part of the group of plectognaths and has spines that cover its body , which serve as a defense mechanism.
Finally, it is known as an orb or orb , the spots that appear in photographic images as a result of distortion. With the appearance of a sphere, these lights are considered by some pseudosciences as energetic or spiritual manifestations, which would imply a supernatural fact.
In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that Orbe is also an alternative rock band, originally from Brazil. In 1996 this group began its journey which, despite various comings and goings, is still active.
An album entitled "Aborto", recorded in 2010, is the record work that the Rio de Janeiro musical group has for sale. Among his greatest hits are songs such as "Hereditario", "Porcos" or "Semper esteve só".

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