What is oratory?

What Does oratory Mean

Oratory is a word that comes from the Latin word oratorĭa and is linked to the art of speaking eloquently . The goal of public speaking is usually to persuade ; For this reason, it differs from didactics (which seeks to teach and transmit knowledge) and from poetics (tries to delight through aesthetics).

Public speaking, therefore, aims to convince people to act in a certain way or make a decision. For example: "The seller's oratory convinced me and I ended up taking three pairs of shoes" , "My uncle has a great public speaking, that's why he works in the area of ​​public relations . "

Anyone who wants to be a perfect professional in the field of public speaking is important to follow a series of very useful tips such as the ones we expose below:
When exposing yourself in front of an audience, you have to take care of a multitude of aspects such as the smile, the way you move or how to gesture. Only in this way will it be possible to capture your attention and also keep you alert to everything that is being talked about.
You have to use non-verbal language to captivate the audience.
It is equally important to have the correct tone of voice, to make changes in it and to be able to emphasize certain ideas through the appropriate tone.
It is especially interesting and attractive to make use of examples and anecdotes both to hook the reader and so that he can fully understand what he is trying to explain.
Ask questions so that the audience can try to reason for themselves.
Broadly speaking, these are some of the recommendations that are made to any individual who wants to become a good speaker, and to them it would be necessary to join others that are also important to achieve the expected success. We are referring to the tips that have to do with what would be the preparation of the speech.
In this case, it is recommended to thoroughly prepare the topic to be discussed, establish which are the main ideas that you want to highlight and rehearse a lot. Carrying out these three actions the expected success is guaranteed.
The emergence of oratory as an art of public speaking cannot be specified on an exact date. Historians believe, however, that its origins as a specialization of discourse are in Sicily , although the Greeks were the ones who raised it as an instrument of prestige and political power.
Socrates , for example, was the founder of a school of oratory in Athens that tried to train men educated and guided by ethical ideals to ensure the progress of the state . There were officials, however, who would call on the services of lolographers (who wrote the speeches).
The Romans also perfected oratory, although it lost political utility in a context dominated unilaterally by the emperor. Over time, public speaking spread to various genres . Thus it came to be used both in politics (to convince voters) and in the judicial sphere (to present arguments) in commercial activity (to promote sales).

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