What is oral?

What Does oral Mean

Oral is a term that is adjectively or substantively linked to issues that have to do with the mouth . It can be, therefore, what is created or manifested with this part of the body.

Some examples can be: "Tomorrow I have an oral lesson in natural sciences" , "When ingesting the acid, the woman suffered an oral injury" , "The oral manifestation of the accused does not coincide with what is derived from the evidence . "
As an adjective, oral allows you to create various concepts. The oral sex , for example, is the stimulation of the sexual organs and the mouth. It is often recommended as a pleasant practice during the preliminaries (before having the sexual act itself), in order to achieve a more satisfying sexual relationship .

An oral narrative , on the other hand, consists of a story that is transmitted through speech and that is expressed aloud, unlike a written narrative.
In the field of law , the concept of oral trial is used to refer to the decision stage that takes place once the summary is completed. During this period, the sentencing court analyzes the evidence and listens to the allegations.
About oral exposure
Oratory is known as the art that consists of expressing oneself orally in a convincing way, with the intention of transmitting something to the listener or persuading him. It is possible to consider oratory as a discipline that is part of the literary genre and that can be applied to a conference , a talk, an oral narrative or any other communicative process that takes place through speech.
Oratory is put into practice when making an oral presentation , which consists of the verbal explanation of a certain number of arguments to achieve a certain purpose. For example: in a class, students present their knowledge in this way and the teacher grades it; in a company, an oral presentation can be the presentation of a project or the conditions that must be met in a certain job; In a convention, on the other hand, an oral presentation may imply the introduction of a new product on the market, counting its technical specifications and advantages that it can bring to consumers, to give three examples.
An oral presentation can range from a simple to a very complex one , according to the demands of those who are going to listen to it and the scope in which it is developed, one or the other will be chosen. A simple oral presentation is a brief review of a certain concept, without delving too deeply into the aspects that make it up, while a complex one would be comparable to an opinion essay , where an attempt is made to explain the argument in great detail.

For an oral presentation to be successful, the person who gives it must take into account certain things, such as controlling the tone of voice (the importance of pausing and changing the rhythm and volume of the voice is fundamental, as it will make sure that people do not deviate their attention to the topic being discussed), corporal expression (the body should consist of a way of completing communication through facial and body expressions), exposition coherence (a clear explanation of the topic, dividing it into parts and presenting a clear argument about it) and the use of slide images (Illuminating the words with images can be extremely useful in order to present a clear topic and obtain the expected response from the listeners).
It should also be noted that another substantive way in which the term is used is in the concept of oral surgery , which refers to surgical intervention in the mouth of a patient. It covers tooth problems such as the extraction of wisdom teeth or decayed teeth, the placement of braces or other similar operations inside the mouth. The person who performs this type of intervention is not the dentist but the maxillofacial surgeon, for whom the oral cavity is the working environment where he feels most comfortable and that he can master with precision.
To finish with the definition, we will say that Oral (or Uralsk , in Russian) is a city of more than 210,000 inhabitants that is located in Kazakhstan , in the area near the border with Russia . Being located west of the Ural River , geography considers it as part of Europe.

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