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What Does operative Mean

Operative is a term that can be used as a noun or as an adjective . In the first case, it is a device or a plan that is carried out to develop an action and achieve a goal . For example: "The police operation was a success as thirty kilograms of cocaine were seized" , "Two injured in the operation carried out near the stadium" , "A dangerous criminal who was a fugitive was arrested in the framework of a police operation that was carried out in Villa García ” .

The use of the notion of operation as a device or plan is common in reference to a planned action of the security forces with the intention of catching criminals or seizing illegal goods.

As an adjective, operational is what works and has its effect or what is prepared to be used : "The technicians informed me that the machinery is already operational" , "With a few more tweaks, the vehicle will be operational and ready for use" , "That elevator is not operational, unfortunately you will have to use another or use the stairs . "
An operational plan , on the other hand, is a document prepared by an entity in which guidelines to be followed and goals to be achieved in the short term are listed. The idea is that the operational plan is the vector that directs the actions of the organization.
The operating system is known as the set of computer programs that make it possible to manage the resources of a computer . These programs begin to work when the computer is turned on because they manage the hardware from the most basic level.
When it comes to operating system, it is almost impossible that the following names do not appear: Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS. Listed below are some of its main advantages and disadvantages, if you play all four of them against each other.
Windows :
* its applications are more accessible to people with little computer skills, and the tools for maintaining the equipment and the system are easy to use;

* its graphical interface facilitates the user experience, since all the commands have a visual representation;

* Application and system development times on Windows servers are moderate.
Linux :

* this operating system is considered the most robust and secure platform , which makes intrusion by hackers difficult;

* higher stability results in better performance of various types of applications;

* It is free, as well as a large number of the applications that can be obtained in its virtual store.

Unix :
* there is no other operating system that runs on so many hardware architectures;

* almost completely blocks the entry of viruses;

* is processor and hardware independent;

* gives applications the ability to reserve large memory segments , which are counted in several MB;

* it does not prevent running programs that occupy more than the total RAM memory available on the computer;

* Being executable, it cannot be corrupted.
Mac OS :
* it is very easy to use;

* offers a safe experience, with an almost negligible number of virus threats ;

* supports many of the most commonly used file types;

* its visual appearance is a strong point for many users who are looking for style.
Windows :
* no es gratuito y tampoco muy flexible, y a esto se suma que cambia de versión muy seguido;

* buscar formas de vulnerar este sistema operativo es para muchos un deporte;

* periódicamente, Microsoft deja de brindar asistencia y actualizaciones a sus versiones más antiguas, lo cual afecta a millones de personas, que se ven obligadas a adquirir un nuevo sistema operativo.
* no existe una compañía detrás de este sistema operativo que brinde un soporte similar al de la competencia;

* su curva de aprendizaje suele ser pronunciada;

* la ayuda que brinda tiene un lenguaje demasiado técnico para la mayoría de los usuarios.
* no posee un servicio de soporte técnico;

* las aplicaciones desarrolladas específicamente para esta plataforma no siempre atraviesan un control de calidad adecuado;

* es necesario tener conocimientos avanzados para utilizarlo correctamente.
Mac OS:
* solamente corre en ordenadores Mac;

* requiere de software específico;

* el precio de los equipos compatibles es muy elevado.

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