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What Does opening Mean

The first thing we are going to establish before entering fully into the meaning of the term opening is its etymological origin. In this case, it must be stated that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically, from “opening” which can be translated as “opening action”.

More precisely, we can indicate that it is the result of the sum of two differentiated parts:

-The verb “aperire”, which can be translated as “open”.

-The suffix “-ura”, which is used to indicate “result of the action”.
It alludes to the act of opening : pushing a door or a window so that it separates from its frame; remove the lid from a box or container; pull a drawer out; and discover or inaugurate something.
For example: “With this magnetic card system, opening the door is not so easy for me” , “Hurry with the opening of the package! I want to know what is inside ” , “ Tomorrow the opening of the ordinary sessions of the Legislature will take place ” .

The opening can be the act or the instance in which something is started . The opening hours of a commercial premises, to cite one case, mark the beginning of its activity . If the opening of a business is at 9 am, from that time it will begin to receive the public.
In relation to that meaning we have to establish the existence of what is known as the opening of a new establishment. That is, the moment in which it opens its doors to customers for the first time in order to begin its journey.
When someone has already scheduled a date to start their business, it is essential that they take care of many aspects. Yes, because it is the way that you "make a good impression", attract people and thus you can achieve that they end up becoming customers on a regular basis. What are those elements that you have to take care of? Some like these:

-Cleanliness and order are essential for the place to convey good feelings.

-Not less relevant is that the employee or employees offer meticulous, personalized, attentive and polite attention.

-In the same way, it is necessary for the establishment to create a welcoming environment, where the visitor can feel at ease.

-Of course, a great way to get the approval of customers and to captivate them from the first moment is to give them a small gift that first day. They will appreciate it, they will like it and, also if it has the name of the place printed on it, it will be a good way to promote it.
It is also called openness to the predisposition that a person shows to listen to ideas or thoughts that are opposite or different from their own: "We need the president to have sufficient mental openness to, at least, know the opposition's proposals" , "My grandfather does not he was characterized by openness: he was a man from another generation, raised in a very different era " , " The woman demonstrated her openness by accepting immediately and without question the sexual orientation of her son .
In the field of optics , the hole that allows light to pass through is called an aperture . The amount of light that reaches the sensor of a photographic camera depends on the aperture and the shutter speed.

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