What is omission?

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What Does omission Mean

From the Latin omissio , an omission is a renunciation to do or express something . A person who omits to tell something keeps information for himself that he does not want to share. Similarly, a subject who fails to perform a certain action has decided not to comply with something that, for some reason, he should have done.

For example: "The defendant's statement had several omissions: he did not say that he had a relationship with the victim or explained why he had made phone calls to his home" , "My boss asked me to punish those who had arrived late but, taking into account considering the transportation problems, I preferred to skip the order ” .
The omission can be a failure that occurs when someone does not do what is considered appropriate when taking an action . It can also be the mistake of a subject who has responsibility for a certain matter: "The omission of the security officer was very serious and put the entire company at risk" , "The installation was quick since the employee omitted several steps of the security protocol ” .

Skip training
The psychology refers to the training of omission to refer to a class of operant conditioning . This practice is based on the fact that, in the face of the determined response given by a subject, the lack of a positive stimulus is induced as a result. This means that the behavior of the person produces an omission of the prize.
A common skip workout is one that prohibits teens from dancing with their friends when they fail an exam. Parents, in this way, omit positive encouragement to their children due to the lack of responsibility in the study (the opposite of what would be a reward).
Failure to provide relief
Witnessing a situation in which a person is helpless and in clear danger and not helping them, even when doing so does not pose any risk to oneself or to third parties, represents a crime . The corresponding penalty can vary, ranging from a fine to imprisonment, which can last between six months and four years; For example, if the injured party suffers an accident caused by someone who later denies him help, the sentence will be the most severe.
This crime is particular among the long list contemplated by the different Criminal Codes , since it is a case in which a person is judged for something he does not do . This leads us to wonder how it is possible that it is necessary to overcome a lack of compassion, an omission that can knowingly make another living being suffer .

Unfortunately, this happens very often in large cities, where the feeling of insecurity has grown in recent decades, turning its inhabitants into stressed and distrustful beings, capable of denying an indication or the time, for fear of being robbed.
The human being is probably the only species that manages to feel like a stranger among its peers . Like animals, we establish hierarchies, only we do it to abuse others, to waste our power . We act negligently, without thinking about the future. We are cruel to animals, using them for fun, locking them in cages, using them to experiment with diseases and potential cures, throwing away countless lives, and that doesn't seem to haunt us. We make fun of the very tall, the very short, the obese and the very skinny; we talk about ugly, dumb, and even have fun with violent movies and video games.
That it had not been foreseen that one person would not help another despite being able to do so would be a serious omission.

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