What is ogive?

What Does ogive Mean

Ojiva is a term originating from ogive , a word from the French language. The concept allows to name a geometric figure composed of a pair of identical circular arches, which intersect at one end and exhibit an opposite concavity.

From this figure, the notion is used to refer to various objects. A warhead, therefore, can be the part of an explosive or projectile that has this shape. The warheads, which are part of various weapons (such as a torpedo or a missile ), house explosive substances that allow them to explode when they are thrown thanks to the action of a detonator.
The detonators of the warheads, meanwhile, can have different characteristics. Many are activated the moment the warhead hits its target, although there are others that work with radars and some that detonate according to a pre-established time.

Understanding the warhead as a weapon, we can say that it is classified into several types, depending on the material that becomes its explosive:

• Biological, which it does is disperse an infectious agent and is manufactured with the clear objective of murdering people .

• Explosive. Causing forceful damage in any area is what, for its part, is intended to achieve with this other warhead. In turn, it can be divided into hollow charge, explosion, fragmentation ...

• Chemistry. Causing serious damage to humans and even killing them is the purpose of this other weapon that, as its name suggests, what it does is disperse a toxic gas.
In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as a nuclear warhead. This is a weapon of mass destruction, also called a nuclear warhead, which can contain plutonium, hydrogen or uranium.
It must be said that, due to the great damages and deaths that the use of it could cause, its sale is totally prohibited. However, that does not prevent certain countries that do have nuclear warheads that they have manufactured with national products. This would be the case, for example, of North Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom or France, among others.
The idea of ​​a warhead also appears in the field of architecture . The ogival arch or pointed arch is one that exhibits this way, an angle at its central voussoir. Its structure began to be used around the 9th century and it became a classic of the Gothic style, reaching its greatest popularity between the 13th and 15th centuries .
It must be said that the variants that appeared of this type of bow were diverse. Thus, for example, we find the pointed ogee arch, which is characterized by having four centers.
Finally, in the field of statistics , the way in which the frequencies are distributed is known as a warhead, which makes it possible to observe the location of the different values ​​according to certain parameters.
According to the greater or lesser frequency compared to a specific data, the warhead can have a positive slope or a negative slope , as can be seen in the graph in question.

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